Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kristina Debarge

By. Amero
Its officially spring! The flowers and trees are dropping their seeds
spreading their genetic structures ensuring the survival of life. Its beautiful
and complex how the cycle of life works. Families grow and expand and
add to the legacy of the family name. Which is exactly what the Debarge
family continues to do. We all remember the platinum and gold selling
group from the 80’s whose numerous singles kept Motown afloat during the
1980’s. Enter Kristina Debarge a wonderful rose from “the city of roses”
Pasadena, Ca. Daughter of James Debarge, Kristina Debarge is quickly
making a name for herself as a singer. As a child Kristina always wanted to
sing (you think??)but never made it known till she was about 12 years old.
Her father took her to the studio and they recorded their first single
together. A year later Kristina made her national t.v. debut on “American
Juniors”(an american idol spin-off). As the shows youngest contestant( at
13 years old) she wowed fans and made the top twenty which was a great
feat if you ask me. After American Juniors she was introduced to “Baby Face”

 and signed a deal with sodapop/ Island def jam and began working on her
debut album “Exposed” in 2009 which debuted at #23 on billboard's top
200. As if she wasn't busy enough Kristina Debarge's acting career began
in 2012 with the movie “Christmas in Compton”. Then she received the
leading role in Nick Cannons directorial debut called "School Dance" in
2014. Kristina has a single that I like that is called “Radio” which has solid
production and Kristina seems to have a grasp of how to balance making
a single while still being original. Also check out her song “Amnesia” where
Kristina Debarge talks about relationship issues! Kristina is definitely the
next in a long line of Debarges to hit the scene but where are all these
Debarges coming from?? Seriously there's probably a daycare somewhere
with about a hundred of these Lil guys and gals training for their chance
to come out. SMH.. Oh well at least they do have talent to spread around
unlike some of my siblings but i digress. Check out this lovely young lady
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