Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop duo Impromp2 from Los Angeles came out with their debut album in 1995 called “You're Gonna Love It”. It amazes me that I never heard of these guys. Their names are Sean E. Mack rapper and Johnny Britt trumpeter/vocalist. They complement each others style of singing. Since their debut album, they put out three more album. In 1997 “Can't Get Enough”, 2003 Impromp2 and 2008 “It Is What It Is”, all of these albums are great. They did not miss a beat. Wow! If you love soul music then you're going to love Impromp2. These guys are incredibly talented and their voices are smooth. Impromp2 sound is wonderful. You can listen to them while riding in the car or sitting at home chilling with the one you love. Since 2010, Johnny Britt has focused on a solo career and released his debut album in 2012 “Feels So Good”. I would love to see these guys in person. Some of my favorite songs from Impromp2 that are going on my play list are, “You're Gonna Love It”, "Enjoy Yourself", “Summer Nights”, “I'll Do Whatever”, “Luv 2 Ball”, “Angel”, “"Lovin' You", “Good Thang”, “Without You”. If you never heard of Impromp2, listen to them on Streetwise Radio you will become a fan. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, iTunes, Live365 and Pandora.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Carolyn Malachi

Hey all you urban soul music lovers, if you have not heard of Carolyn Malachi well Streetwise Radio is playing her music. DJ Michael Ealey has stumbled across another underrated artist who is so awesome and very inspirational. She hails from Washington D.C. Her music has the characteristics of soul, jazz, classical, and rap that blends well together. What I like about Carolyn Malachi she sings from her heart and every song is so encouraging. This singer/songwriter was nominated for a Grammy for her 2013 “Gold” album. This album has some wonderful songs on it. Some of my favorites are “All Right ft. Chelsey Green, Kevin Powe Jr.”, “Fall Winter Spring Summer”, “Ready for the World”, “Nothing”, “Finally”,In my opinion Carolyn Malachi is one artist that is and always will be definitive to her own sound. She is definitely going on my play list. Check out songs from Carolyn Malachi on Streetwise Radio you will become a fan. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, Live365, Athena365 and iTunes.