Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What can I say about J.P. Cooper? He is a talented songwriter with a soulful voice. J.P. is from Manchester, UK. He has a soulful acoustical sound mixed with gospel and a tinge of folk. A true singer-songwriter expresses their talent in the lyrics of their music. I think lyrics in a musician music should tell a story and draw the listener in. J.P. Cooper does just that in the songs he sings. I’m very impressed with the lyrics in his music they are deep. I urge you to check out the amazing artist who is a true gift to the music world. Here are some of my favorites songs, “Learn From The Landscapes”, “Little House”, “Halo”, “Oh The Water”, “Colour Me In Gold”, "What Went Wrong", “Oh Brother”, "The Only Reason", “My Father's House”, “Whenever You Hold Me” and “I've Been Watching”.Here him on Streetwise Radio,Live365, MyGen365, iTunes, Athena365, Gilroy Radio.