Thursday, December 26, 2013

Phil Kahan

DJ Michael Ealey of Streetwise Radio received singer/songwriter Phil Kahan’s information and started playing his song “No Fear”. Phil Kahan is a 22 year old from Boston, MA. He is very talented. Phil started writing music at the age of 9, He also wrote and recorded his first song at the age of 12. Phil lives in Los Angeles now. He is a notable songwriter that can sing. The other songs that I really like are “Be Cool”, “Tonight”, “The Start” and “No Fear”. Phil Kahan is definitely an artist to look out for. You can listen to other songs from Phil Kahan on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes, Pandora, Live365, MyGen365, Athena365 and Gilroy Radio.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Marlon Saunders

I’ve never heard of Marlon Saunders until I heard his song “The Beginning of Never” on Streetwise Radio. I really like this soul, jazzy, R&B singer-songwriter from Chestertown Maryland. This talented artist has his own independent record label, called Black Honey. Marlon put out two albums on Black Honey label, Enter My Mind in 2003 and A Groove So Deep in 2005. Here are some of the songs from these two albums that are going on my playlist, “Enter My Mind”, “The Beginning of Never”, “For love”, "Beautiful Design" and “Coolin’”. Marlon Saunders has recorded, played on and shared the stage with some well-known artists like, Bobby McFerrin, Dianne Reeves, Joe Henderson, Ron Carter, Shawn Colvin, Nine Inch Nails, Billy Joel, Jane Siberry, Shania Twain, Vanessa Williams, Julee Cruise, Sting, Martha Wash, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Freddie Jackson, Jeffrey Osbourne, Tramaine Hawkins, Peabo Bryson, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Ronald K. Brown. Check out songs from Marlon Saunders on Streetwise Radio, you will become a fan. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Athena365, Live365, MyGen365, iTunes, Pandora and Gilroy Radio.


Monday, November 4, 2013

TGT Three Kings

One thing I can say about TGT is, Fantastic! For all of you who don’t know what TGT stands for, it is the first names of this marvelous group Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank. These three brothers are all amazing R&B singers on their own, but their collaboration was one of the best things they could have done. TGT is the rebirth of R&B, that good love making music. They formed in 2007 and went on tour in 2008. The name of tour was called “Shirts Off”, this was a great name because these three brother are sexy. TGT released their debut album “Three Kings” in August 2013. I think this “Three Kings” album is awesome! It is truly amazing! Some of my favorite songs are “I Need”, “Sex Never Felt Better”, “Lessons In Love”, “Explode”, “Running Back”, “Take It Wrong”, Weekend Love” and “OMG”. You can listen to songs from TGT’s album the “Three Kings” on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, Live365, MyGen365, Athena365 and Gilroy Radio.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Toi Horn

DJ Michael Ealey of Streetwise Radio is play this amazing artist Toi Horn. I want to know why she isn't more famous? Toi Horn is a pianist, vocalist, songwriter and producer from the D.C., Maryland area. Her musical genre are Jazz, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, R&B and World Music. I my opinion Toi is very underrated. I found out that she was forced against her will to take a psychological examination to determine he mental capacity and that she spent 72 days  in a mental ward at a Texas prison. It did not say why all this happened to this awesome talent. Two things it did say, is that she passed a mental evaluation and the prison where she was held the psychiatric doctors said “that Toi Horn does not presently suffer from a mental disease or defect”. I added a link below with court and U.S Department of Justice documents. Even though she has had some challenges she is a true talent. I hope we continue hearing more from Toi Horn. Some songs that are going on my play list are “Corruption”, “Let It Happen”, “If You Want My Love”, “Silence”, “DC Is Where I'm From” and “Sexy Brown Thang”. You can listen to songs from Toi Horn on Streetwise Radio. Also listen to Streetwise Radio on Gilroy Radio, MyGen365, Athena365, Live365, iTunes and Pandora.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Grammy Nominated Singer Songwriter Shanice Wilson Brings her Soul and Her Smile to Yoshi’s San Francisco

Story and Photos by Shelah Moody
Who:  Shanice
When: Saturday, September 21, 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Where: Yoshi’s San Francisco, 1330 Fillmore St., SF
Info: 415 655 5600,,
Story and Photos by Shelah Moody
            Shanice Wilson has a smile, a voice and a personality that automatically makes you light up. It is no wonder that Grammy winning drummer/producer Narada Michael Walden took her under his wing to in 1991, to  produce her second studio album, “Inner Child,” which spawned her “Billboard” chart topper “I Love Your Smile.”
             I first experienced the power and pure soul of Shanice Wilson soaring soprano voice in 2009,  during a  production called “Let the Sunshine In”  at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. It was benefit for the Narada Michael Walden Foundation, Chistopher Rodriguez,  (a child who was hit and paralyzed by a stray bullet while practicing the piano at his Oakland home) and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Shanice performed with a fantasy lineup which included Sting, Mary Wilson, Tevin Campbell, Lisa Fischer, Earl Klugh, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. and others. As Shanice sang the ebullient  “I Love Your Smile” on stage to Christopher, she touched everyone in the audience. 

Shanice Wilson, who goes by her first name, is a former child star turned success story. She is currently working on a new CD and other notable projects, which she discussed during our interview.  Shanice is married to actor Flex Alexander, and they have two children together.
            Shanice and her band perform at Yoshi’s San Francisco for the first time this weekend.
Shelah Moody: What was it like being reunited with your producer, Narada Michael Walden at the “Let the Sunshine In” benefit in San Francisco?
Shanice: It was fun to be on stage with Narada. We still stay in touch. As a matter of fact, I spoke with him yesterday and we are talking about doing more music together.
SM: You have such a beautiful and powerful voice! What kind of music will you be performing at Yoshi’s?
Shanice: Thank you! I am taking everyone back, from the beginning of my career to the present. I’m also doing a tribute to some of the legends that we’ve lost: Teena Marie, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Vesta Williams. I will be doing “I Love Your Smile,” of course, and “Saving Forever for You.” I’m taking you through the eighties, nineties and the millennium. 
SM: How old were you when you recorded “I Love Your Smile?”
Shanice: I was 18.
SM: On that note, what was it like making the transition from teen sensation to grown up artist?
Shanice: I think, for a minute, that transition for the public was hard, but for me it was easy. My first single was called “Can You Dance,” and it came out in 1987. I signed my first record deal when I was 11. I think that as I started growing up, people still wanted to me to be that bubbly, smiling little girl (laughs).
SM: I recently read in your bio that you did some work on the track “Behind the Mask” on Michael Jackson’s posthumous release “Michael.”
Shanice:  Yes, I sang backgrounds, and I did some ad libs with Michael on “Behind the Mask.” I also sang background for Siedah Garrett on one of Michael’s songs called “Keep the Faith” on the “Dangerous” album.
SM: That’s amazing! What was it like to work with Michael?
Shanice: First of all, I’m Michael’s number one fan. My mom and I are from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and we moved to California when I was eight years old. Wanda Hutchinson, from the female vocal group the Emotions, picked us up from the Greyhound bus station. When I got off of the bus, the first thing I said was, “Where’s Michael Jackson! I wanna meet Michael Jackson!” When I did the backgrounds for Michael, I was so nervous; I was so excited. I’ve met a lot of entertainers, and he was the most down to earth. He was the nicest guy I’ve ever met. It’s funny, because you meet people who are not as famous as Michael Jackson, and they feel themselves a little bit, but Michael was so not like that at all. When I was called to do “Behind the Mask,” it was hard, because he had passed away. He had recorded the song years ago, and they just added my voice. It was an honor, but it was difficult. I cried for a minute. I had to stop for a second and get my tears out, and then I was able to sing.
SM: Did you attend Michael’s memorial service at the Staples Center?
Shanice: Yes, I did. It was so hard. We were sitting next to one of the chefs who used to work with Michael. He was telling me that Michael’s favorite dish was fried chicken—he loved fried chicken. Everyone—the whole aisle was just crying. When his daughter, Paris, got up to speak, you could hear people crying really hard all the way up in the balcony.
SM: Branford Marsalis has also performed at Yoshi’s San Francisco. What was it like working with him on “I Love Your Smile?”
Shanice: The funniest thing is, when Branford played his saxophone part, I wasn’t actually there. We never actually got together in the studio. I never got a chance to actually talk to him or work with him like that. Narada called him in, he played his part, and then he called me in on another day and I came in and sang my part.
SM: When I met you at the benefit in 2009, I was surprised to see little Shanice all grown up with a husband and a family! How did you meet Flex Alexander?

Shanice: I met him in Studio City. We were living in the same apartment building. The day he moved in, I was on my way to a Lauryn Hill concert. We got in the elevator. I knew of him and he knew of me, but we didn’t know each other personally. I went back to get a pen so that we could stay in touch, but when I got back to the elevator, he was gone, because it took me forever to get the pen. A couple weeks later, we ran into each other again and we exchanged numbers. We started out as friends, and we had such a great friendship. The funniest thing it that we officially dated for four months. He asked me to marry him; and we were married three months later. That was 13 years ago.
SM: What a wonderful story! What are your children like?
Shanice: Our daughter just turned 12, and our son is nine. They are both pretty funny; they keep me laughing. My daughter is in a singing group with LL Cool J’s daughter and Niecy Nash’s daughter. My son just discovered that he wants to sing; he’s always known how to sing. He also loves to direct, he builds leggos and does animation with them. I call him Steven Spielberg (laughs).
SM: How many people will you have in your band at Yoshi’s?
Shanice: It’s really intimate; I don’t have a big production. I have a keyboard player, bass, drums and that’s it!           
SM: Tell us about your upcoming projects.
Shanice: I am working on some new music; I’ve been working with a producer, B Slade, who used to be a gospel singer who went under the name Tonéx. This is not a gospel project, but he is amazing; he does everything—pop, R&B, gospel. We are doing a whole CD together. I can’t reveal the network yet, but my husband and I are working on a reality show about our family.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Perseverance is a trait often discussed but seldom appreciated in the music business. It takes the right kind of person to face the type of adversity that exists in the recording industry. Through the hard work and dedication, to the politics and red tape, singer London has grown into a mature and seasoned artist capable of creating catchy yet uncompromising hit records. With his new project Welcome To Londonland coming, London proves that there is power in direct connection; a bond with those who can relate to deeper thoughts about love, lust, heartache, and rekindling romance. But more importantly, it shows that he is not afraid to deliver a quality product directly to the people with no barriers or obstacles...just pure passion.

Born and raised in Oakland, CA, London developed his talents through church and local performances. Upon relocating to Atlanta, GA to further his career,London attended Morehouse College upon his mother's wishes. When he began to struggle to afford college tuition, London put his focus on creating new records and gaining the attention of influential industry people in the area. His efforts paid off when he met and began creating a demo with Ron "Neef-U" Feemster, Mike City, and the incomparable Ne-Yo. From there, the songs were delivered to a Universal/Motown A&R, who immediately recognized London's talent and signed him to the label. Some people would say London made it, but a new set of challenges and obstacles lay ahead.

Despite working with Ne-Yo, Rodney Jerkins, and James Fauntleroy, and releasing singles with heavyhitters like Lil Wayne and Flo-Rida , London's full-length project was on the shelf. After a few years of hard work with limited results, London grew frustrated and decided to part ways with label. Armed with a new found freedom and industry IQ, London utilized his network and got back in the studio to do things his way. This has a resulted in a back-to-basics approach to R&B; strong melody, meaningful lyrics, lush production, and incredible vocal performance. His new project, Welcome To Londonland, has already caused a stir among label and press folks alike, and it has not even been released yet.

Fans and critics can expect well-crafted singles and profound music videos from Welcome To Londonland, coming in Fall 2013. While being released independently, the quality and consistency of the project sounds like that of a major label studio album. Sometimes plans do not happen as they are supposed to. But lucky for London, talent, vision, and hard work is not planned, it just happens.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amp Fiddler

It's a shame that Amp Fiddler’s talent has not gained him more notoriety. I heard his song “Eye to Eye” from is 2004 album “Waltz of a Ghetto Fly” on Streetwise Radio. I thought this brother has that 70’s sound. Amp Fiddler is a singer-songwriter and keyboardist from Detroit, Michigan. As I continued to listen to his music, I’m amazed that I have never heard of him. It goes to show how awful the music has gotten on the on-air radio stations and television music stations like BET, VHI and MTV. The so called X-Generation doesn’t have a clue what real music is supposed to sound like. They just keep listening to the crap that is being played and accepting it. Amp Fiddler debut in 2004 with “Waltz of a Ghetto Fly” album some of my favorite songs are “Eye to Eye”, “Dreamin”, “Soul Devine You Could Be Mine”, “I Believe In You”, You Play Me”, “Unconditional Eyes” and This Is How”. If you have not heard of Amp Fiddler, take a listen to some of his songs on Streetwise Radio he is truly an artist that is funky and soulful. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes, MyGen365, Pandora, Live365 and Athena365.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bluey Robinson

Wow! Wow! Wow! Where has he been? I can’t believe I’ve never heard of him until DJ Michael Ealey of Streetwise Radio started playing him. On-air radio stations are out of their minds, they need to do their research on talented amazing artist like Bluey Robinson they need to be heard. Bluey Robinson was born in Sweden and raised in England he is of Trinidadian and Swedish decent. Bluey reminds me of Stevie Wonder with perfect soprano voice and El DeBarge hitting those high notes he is truly talented. He grew up listening to his mom’s record collection that consisted of artist like Bob Marley, The Drifters, UB40 and Jackson 5 and it shows in his music, He is so soulful. I like him a lot. This 20 something singer-songwriter released two singles “Showgirl” and “Coming Back” in 2011. Both of these songs are going on my playlist along with “I Know featuring Ryan Leslie”, “I Know (Studio Acoustic Version)”, “Take A Chance On Me”, “Think of me”, “Gotta Be A Way” and “Beautiful Eyes”. Bluey Robinson is one artist that is so soulful he should go straight to the top. It would be a shame if he doesn’t. You can tune into Streetwise Radio and listen to Bluey Robinson. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, MyGen365, Athena365 and Live365.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Raheem DeVaughn New Single "Trigger Man"Now Playing On Streetwise Radio

 The case of Trayvon Martin. has created outrage in the Black Community and debate through out the country about our justice system and race relations. When I heard this song on Sound Cloud I was deeply move by the lyrics and the sound of this song. No matter what you think of the out come of the trial you should listen to this song. From the beginning with an excerpt from President O"Bama's recent speech to Styles P conscious words, this moving tribute to the tragic fate of black youth today is music which speaks 
truth. Check it out on Streetwise Radio,Live365,Athena365,MyGen365,iTunes,Pandoraand the link below. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ntjam Rosie

I was listening to Streetwise Radio and I heard Ntjam Rosie “I Need”.  I thought this is a song that is going on my playlist. This 30 year old jazz, soul singer and songwriter from Sonkoe, Cameroon is an amazing songstress. Ntjam debut was in 2008 with her album “Atouba” since then she put out 3 more albums, “Elle” in 2010, “Live at Grounds” in 2012 and “At the Back of Beyond” in 2013. Ntjam sound is a mixture of two of my favorite artists Jill Scott and India Arie. The song “At the back of beyond” the title of her 2013 album is a beautiful song. My favorite song “At the Back of Beyond”, “Thinkin About You” and “Love is Calling”. Ntjam Rosie is a beautiful and talented remarkable artist. Streetwise Radio is playing songs from Ntjam Rosie. You can listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, Live365, Athena365 and MyGen365.


Monday, July 1, 2013


This 43 year old R&B singer from Michigan is so underrated. His career did not take off like it should have. Rome signed with RCA and released his debut album “Rome” in 1997 selling over half a million copies. I remember his song "I Belong to You (Everytime I See Your Face)" was a hit. I was sure after that song we would be hearing from Rome for many years to come . Well that was not the case. While Rome was still under contract with RCA when he tried to put out his second album “Thank You” it was rejected by RCA and it was never released. This goes to show you that the record industry can make or break a career. It is a shame that some really talented artists never get their chance to shine. Rome came out with three other albums after leaving RCA “Rome 2000: Thank You”, “To The Highest” and “Do It”. Rome is an amazing singer that in my opinion can sing better than some of these well-known singers out there. Some of my favorite songs from Rome are “Never Be A Love“, “Just Once, Once More, Three Times”, “Real Love” and “Real Joy”. You can listen to songs from Rome on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, MyGen365, Athena365 and Live365.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


When I thought DJ Michael Ealey of Streetwise Radio could not possibly find more underrated artists he does. He is playing artist Lysa “Aya” Trenier’s song “Uptown”. This singer and songwriter of Singaporean-Irish-Scottish decent was born and raised in London. She is like opening the windows on a sunshiny day and letting the breeze in. Aya moved to New York when she was 18 to hone her skills as an artist. She has work together with Lenny Kravitz, Pharcyde, Stuart Matthewman and Jay Denes. I did not know it at the time, when I saw the movie 1999 “Loving Jezebel” in which Aya appeared that she was also this amazing singer. Aya debut album “Strange Flower” came out in 2004 it is a blend of soul and pop. Some of my favorite songs that are going on my playlist are “Uptown”, “Afterhours”, and “Do What You Want”, “I’ll Never Give In” and “Looking for the Sun”. Tune into Streetwise Radio and listen to songs from Aya. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, MyGen365, Live365 and Athena365.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rae & Christian

These two blue eyed soul brothers with hip-hop, soul, jazz, breakbeat, jungle, Jamaican reggae, house music flavor from Britain have been around since the late-90s. I never heard of them until I heard them on Streetwise Radio. DJ Michael Ealey found this duo of Rae & Christian who are talented. Steve Christian’s piano, guitar, engineering and mixing and Mark Rae’s samples, lyrics and vocals make wonderful music. I like Rae & Christian. Every song is so different. Some of the songs that are going on my playlist are “Distant Invitation”, ”Blazing the Crop”, “Play On (feat Jungle Bros)”, “Spellbound (feat. Veba)”, “Fool”, “Time to Shine” and “Hold Us Down”. Tune into Streetwise Radio and listen Rae & Christian. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, Athena365, MyGen365 and Live365.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Peabo Bryson

Black Music Month Exclusive: Up Close and Personal with R&B Legend Peabo Bryson

By Shelah Moody

Peabo Bryson performs at Yoshi’s San Francisco, 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8, 1330 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, (415) 655-5600,

"I'm So Into You." "Feel the Fire" "Let the Feeling Flow." “Tonight I Celebrate My Love.” If you were born in the eighties, chances are, you are here because of one of these fireside love songs recorded by Grammy winning singer/songwriter Peabo Bryson. With more than 30 albums to his credit and acclaimed duets with Roberta Flack, Regina Belle, Natalie Cole and others, Bryson is still going strong.

I first discovered the genius of Peabo Bryson when I bought his “I am Love” album (1981) at age 15. As I played each of the tracks over and over, I often wondered what the man behind the ebullient, operatic tenor, who freely dispensed words of wisdom on life and love, was like as a person. When I thought no one was listening, I would sing along at the top of my lungs, “Let the feeling flow/it’s a shining star that’s here to guide you/every lover knows/ you’ve got to hold on to the good inside you,” not really understanding what the words meant.

I have seen Bryson in concert several times and attend his annual Colors of Christmas concert every year with the San Francisco Symphony at Davies Symphony Hall. I have even seen Bryson in in a starring role in a very off Broadway production of “The Wiz,” with Grace Jones, in Oakland, CA.

Although I have spoken with him several times in passing and expressed to him how much I loved his music, it took me 30 years to land my first formal interview with Bryson, and I must say it was well worth the wait.

Real talk: I was a bit nervous knowing that I was going to interview someone who I had put on a pedestal for so many years. Once our phone conversation began, all of my fears were laid to rest. I found the balladeer to be honest, sincere, philosophical possessing a refreshing sense of humor, a man who loves his wife, his family and loves real music.

Bryson also has his share of admirers in the Bay Area. One of them is his niece, Deja Bryson, an aspiring singer/songwriter who just released her first singles, “Just a Woman” and “Love Sounds.” Another Bryson admirer is Marlon Washington, Jr., a singer/drummer at Matthew Zion Baptist church in San Francisco. In this clip, Washington pays tribute to the King of Soul with an A Cappella tribute to Bryson with a snippet of “Can You Stop the Rain.”

Shelah Moody: First of all, thank you for so many years of inspiring, soulful and beautiful music. I’d like to ask you about the inspiration behind some of your greatest hits, starting with “Feel the Fire.”

Peabo Bryson: (Laughs). Actually, I was in my apartment and I was looking out of the window at the view as a thunderstorm was brewing very heavily. Across the courtyard from me, lightning just took the biggest tree I’d ever seen and split it in half. I could feel the heat from the lightning strike. That’s what inspired “Feel the Fire.” It was more spiritual and divine than anything. It was inspired by an act of God.

SM: So, you literally felt the fire…

PB: No doubt!

SM: Where did the universal refrain in the song “Don’t try to play with my emotions” come from?

PB: The first thing about “Feel the Fire” is that it’s a metaphor for an act of God. The repose reminds us not to take anybody’s feelings for granted.

SM: Let’s talk about one of your niece’s favorite Peabo Bryson songs, “I’m So Into You.”

PB: It’s about an experience where you are so into someone, that whatever they did didn’t matter; whether it was good, bad, indifferent, right or wrong. You believe they can do anything short of walk on water. It’s about the highest level of admiration and respect that you can give someone, not that it’s always reciprocated or healthy. It does happen to people; and it happens for a reason, not all of the reasons good, not all of them valid. A lot of times, we superimpose characteristics onto people that we are enamored with, that they don’t truly possess. “I’m So Into You” kind of transcends all of those basic rules, especially the negative ones. It’s what every lover hopes to find at some point, every person hopes to find that person at some point; you may find them early, you may miss it, you may do a lot of things; you may never find it; you may never be receptive enough to find it, even though you want it or you desire it. It’s what we all want; it’s inherent in our DNA. “I’m So Into You” is that moment where nothing can keep you from that person. At first, nobody liked the song except my sister, my manager and me. A lot of people didn’t get it.

SM: And it became one of your biggest hits.

PB: Tell me about it. That was a lesson about what and what not to listen to in terms of people’s opinions about what you do. I’ll bet Pablo Picasso never even asked anybody about what they thought. If you don’t like oblong pairs of hands and oblong faces, then don’t buy Picasso. If you are ok with that expression and you are receptive enough to buy into what its meaning is and what’s behind it, then Picasso is your guy.

SM: And now, the song that I still sing in the shower to this day, “Let the Feeling Flow.”

P.B. I love that song. It’s about a realization and acknowledgement of self and others. If you are not calm, you’re going to miss something. “Let the Feeling Flow” is both a reminder and a warning. If you’re not at the right place, you are not going to be receptive to information; and it could be information that changes your life. If you miss it, then you become someone different; and your life ends up differently. “Let the Feeling Flow” tells you not to try to measure out emotions, especially love, like it’s a tube of toothpaste. Love is not a tube of toothpaste, and you can’t dole it out, you can’t squeeze it out like it’s a tube, let it go. Whatever it is; it’s going to be anyway, and whatever you deny yourself today is lying asleep at the foot of your bed, while you sleep.

SM: Is that what you mean by the lyric in the song that says “It was too late when I realized, that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees?”

PB: It’s always too late. The old story in relationships of any kind is that it is not appreciated until you’ve lost it or you’ve missed it, you’ve missed its value. It exists in every relationship; I mean somebody’s taking somebody for granted as we speak. It’s not like it’s an odd thing that takes place.

SM.: Let’s talk about another Peabo Bryson fan favorite, “Can You Stop the Rain.”

P:B: That song wasn’t meant for me; it’s a song I didn’t write but wish I had. I was listening with my A&R guy at Columbia Records. I still believe this: if someone is thoughtful enough to go through a few hundred songs to find 20 for you that you might like, you might want to sit there and go through the songs with them if you have the opportunity to do so. While (the A&R rep) was listening for songs he thought that I might like, he played me something that was meant for a female vocalist and asked my opinion. I said that I thought it would be a good song for her; but it would be a great song for me. That’s how that song came into being. It was a blessing to be in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

SM: Because of songs such as “Tonight I Celebrate My Love” (with Roberta Flack), “A Whole New World” (with Regina Belle) and other songs, you are also known as the king of the romantic duet. Is there any singer in particular that you would like to record with now?

PB: That’s a good question; there are only a few artists that I haven’t worked with. I almost had a chance to work with Barbara Streisand; and I would have liked to have done that. The events surrounding September 11, 2001, stopped it the last time. That’s something that’s still on my bucket list. I’d like to do something with Annie Lennox. She’s in a category all by herself. Oddly enough, I’d like to work with Mariah Carey, but only if Walter Afanasieff produces it. Actually, I like Adele. I like her honesty. Roberta Flack is probably responsible for all those duets. She had the choice of anybody she wanted to sing with and she chose me. I am eternally grateful for that. She’s my all-time favorite duet partner. I never miss an opportunity to be in her presence; she makes me…better.

SM: That’s another album that I played over and over when I was a teenager, “Born to Love,” with you and Roberta Flack.

PB: We’re threatening to do another album. I’m going to start sending her some songs. Once she’s into something, she will get really excited.

SM: Speaking of songwriting, what inspires you to write nowadays?

PB: Life—how it feels, understanding it, when I internalize it intellectually and spiritually. You can understand something in the literal sense and in a philosophical sense, but not be able to put it into a practical application in life.

SM: When do you find time to write—on tour, during your quiet time…?

PB: There’s always time to write. I can be inspired by this conversation.

SM: As a young woman, I loved buying your albums on vinyl, because in your liner notes, you always dispensed words of wisdom on life and love that no one else taught.

PB: If you follow me on Twitter—that’s all I do! You know what I like? Twitter is a language in itself, a means of communicating within itself. The language is learning how to communicate whatever it is that you have to say, however significant, observant or poignant, in 140 characters. Twitter cuts through all of the BS; and there is no extra rhetoric, because you only have 140 characters to get to the point quickly. I’ve actually gotten really good at it. I’ve only started on Twitter last year. It’s something I do almost every day.

SM: Do you find that people are connecting with you on Twitter and other social media outlets?

PB: Oh yeah! I am close to the 4,500 mark on Twitter, and I’m not buying any of my followers, I earned them. It helps if you have something to say. I’m getting followers who have powerful contingencies on Twitter, and that’s always good.

SM: Any new projects in the works?

PB: I’m working on new music at this point; I don’t know where that is going to take me; it will probably dictate itself. It will probably be in front of the camera somewhere judging vocal talent and having vocal talent legitimately judged. I remember something that my daughter said to me when she was 16 or so, she wanted a pair of sling backs because all of the kids were wearing them at school. I went to Neiman Marcus and I bought her several pairs of shoes in various pastel colors. I brought them home and she was really excited. She pulled the shoes out of the box, and her face dropped, and her smile turned into a frown. I asked her what was wrong, and she said “these are the real ones; I wanted the fake ones.” That’s what they want; they don’t want the real thing.

SM: Hmm…Fake versus the real thing. mmmhThat is a deep commentary on popular music and culture.

PB: And then some.

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I read a passage when I was a boy that left an impression, the deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

Note, pain makes life surprisingly lucid, perspectives fall into a natural order, the mind and body seek healing and the soul seeks God.”

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Gordon Chambers

Did you know that the music artist that are your favorites and the songs they sing are not written by the artist more than likely written by a songwriter? Gordon Chambers is one of those songwriters who have written for some of the biggest acts in music industry. He wrote Anita Baker's "I Apologize", Brownstone's "If You Love Me", Angie Stone's "No More Rain (In This Cloud)" and Yolanda Adams "Someone Watching Over Me". Gordon Chambers is not only a songwriter the man can sing I heard his song “Get Away” on Streetwise Radio and had to find out more about this man. He is Jamaican-American and was born in the Bronx but grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. Gordon had songwriting in his blood. He started writing songs at the age 7. It took him a while to come out with his debut album in 2005 called "Introducing Gordon Chambers" it was nominated for Independent Soul Album of the Year by It is great to see amazing songwriters come from the behind to scene to show off their talent. Check out Gordon Chambers on Streetwise Radio. Some of my favorite songs are “Touch You There”, "I'll Miss You Most (feat. Mike Phillips)", “Stay”, “I Wish I Was In Love”, “To Love Again”, “If You Love Me”, “Unfair” and “Get Away”. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes, Pandora, MyGen365, Athena365 and Live365.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Luke James

Who is Luke James? Luke James is a 28 year old talent from New Orleans, Louisiana that has star quality. I remember seeing Luke James dancing on Beyoncé Knowles "Run the World (Girls)" music video. I did not know he was a singer and song writer.  I like the way he delivers a song. Luke is a gifted song writer, he writes beautiful songs. Luke has wrote hit songs for some very popular artist in the music industry like Chris Brown (Crawl), Justin Bieber (That Should Be Me), Britney Spears (Kill the Lights) and Keri Hilson (Do It). This multi-talented artist gives credit to his mother for introducing him to a wide array of music. Some musical artist that has inspired him is Marvin Gaye, Willie Nelson, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes and Alabama. Luke James official debut album called “Made to Love” is due out sometime in 2013. The first single from his album "Make Love to Me" was released on iTunes on January 8th. Yes, Luke James has it all, to become a music artist that will be around for a long time. My favorite songs are, “The Answer”, “Made To Love”, “Signs of Rain”, “Guilty Pleasure”, “The Only Exception”, “I Want You”, “That Should Be Me” and “Make Love to Me”. Luke James is the opening act on the Mrs. Carter Show World tour April 15, 2013 through September 13, 2013. Tune into Streetwise Radio and listen to songs from Luke James. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes, Pandora, MyGen365, Athena365 and Live365.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Band Vintage Trouble

I was watching the late show on April 8, 2013 the musical guest was “Vintage Trouble”. A week before Dj Michael Ealey was playing “Vintage Trouble- Nobody Told Me”. My husband commented on how tight the band sounded and how good the drummer was. They performed the song “Pelvis Pusher” this song was high energy, it reminded me of the music from the late 50s and the 60s. Vintage Trouble has only been around since 2010. They have hit the music scene with a refreshing old new sound. This collection of musicians formed in Los Angeles. They  consist of, Ty Taylor (vocal), Nalle Colt (guitar), Richard Danielson(drummer) and Rick Barrio Dill (bassist). Vintage Trouble has a fan base known as "TroubleMakers." The lead singer Ty Taylor sings with that church R&B sound he has a lot of energy. In 2011 they went overseas and were a hit they were named Breakout Artist of the Year by Music Weekly and HMV hailing them as their "Next Big Thing.”  I like “Vintage Trouble” it is refreshing to see a band playing live music again giving that old school sound. Justin Timberlake started it off this year with the 20/20 Experience. Is this what we have to look forward to in the music industry? I sure hope so. Tune into Streetwise Radio and listen to “Vintage Trouble”. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, MyGen365, Live365, Roku and Athena365.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Chaka Khan Alive

She’s back the queen of R&B, Funk and Rock & Roll Chaka Khan. With a new album titled “Alive” due out on July 2, 2013. Chaka Khan also has stood the test of time she has been in the music business for 40 years. She will be celebrating her 60th birthday on March 23, 2013. If this is 60 looks like, I can be so blessed. The album title says it all she looks fantastic. Chaka Khan has a single out “It's Not Over”. It is a beautiful inspiring song. No it’s not over for this living legend in the music industry. I’ve a fan of Chaka Khan since she was with Rufus. I’m so glad she is back and can’t wait for her album “Alive”. Happy Birthday Ms. Chaka Khan. Tune into Streetwise Radio and listen to Chaka Khan’s new single “It's Not Over” off the “Alive” album. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, Athena365, MyGen365 and Live365.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Justin Timberlake

The 2013 Grammy Awards is something that I recorded, so I could fast forward through all the acts that I was not interested in seeing. When I heard that Justin Timberlake would be performing, I knew that it was going to be amazing. I was right Justin and his band The Tennessee Kids featuring Jay-Z blew the doors off the Grammies. When Justin came out his stage was black and white looking like the old acts of the 1940s. Singing three songs “Suit and Tie”, “Pusher Love Girl” and Mirror. Justin is funky with a lot of soul. It’s been about 7 years since “Bringing Sexy Back”, well he is bringing classy back. The other song I really like that is uplifting is “Mirror”.  I must say what I’ve heard so far "The 20/20 Experience" might be another Grammy Award to go with the six he has already received. "The 20/20 Experience" is due to be released on March 19, 2013. Tune into Streetwise Radio and listen to some tunes from Justin Timberlake’s "The 20/20 Experience". You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes, Pandora, Live365, Athena365 and MyGen365.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lynden David Hall

I was listening to Streetwise Radio when I heard Lynden David Hall’s song ’Are We Still Cool’. I said this brother can sing. While listening to his music and doing some research I’m sad to say he passed away. Lynden David Hall was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in October 2003. He died on 14 February 2006 at the age of 31, from complications of stem cell transplant he received in January 2005. 

This Wandsworth, South London born singer, songwriter, arranger, and record producer had a lot of talent. Lynden could sing! He won two awards for his singing. The 'best newcomer' 1998 MOBO (Music of Black Origin) and he was voted "Best Male Artist" by the readers of Britain's Blues & Soul magazine in 1999. Lynden is an amazing soul singer left this world far too soon. I had to write about him so others that never heard of Lynden David Hall could experience his remarkable gift. I added him to my playlist. Some of my favorite songs are ‘Medicine 4 My Pain’, ‘Do I Qualify’, ‘Forgive Me’, ‘Sexy Cinderella’, ‘All you need is Love’, ‘Are We Still Cool’ and ‘Sleeping With Victor’. I know he was taken far too soon, but his music will live on. Streetwise Radio is playing Lynden David Hall. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, MyGen365, Athena365 and Live365.