Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'Streetwise Radio' the wave of the future!

Of the 168-million Americans who use wireless-access technology, 60-million of them log on to internet radio at least once a week, and listener ship could reach as high as 80-million by 2011.  Together, with countless millions listening around the world, it's no wonder that internet radio has become the wave of the future!
I personally took that wave from a rather uncommon beach called "Streetwise".  What I mean is, I drive for a courier company called 'Streetwise Special Delivery' in Gilroy, California....where we deliver the goods by car, truck, boat, train, jet, and--internet radio!
Owner/CEO Michael Ealey launched 'Streetwise Radio' via '' in June, 2009, and, it's become an enormous marketing tool on our website
Ealey has tailored Streetwise Radio from his own professional career as a program director and disc jockey, adding a vast computer knowledge to scour the internet for an exquisite, unmatched play list of songs that comfortably suit, not only American audiences, but, 27 other countries listening around the world.
In less than a year, Streetwise Radio has achieved a number-one ranking, besting more than 6-thousand internet radio sites in the R&B and Jazz music catagories.....and, I've had the pleasure of being part of it all! This past January Streetwise Radio was launched
on iTunes.
I don't just deliver, I market and sell by publishing blogs about artists who's songs we play on Streetwise Radio.  Together with dispatcher L.M. and Michael Ealey, we we post musical biography's, updates to our play list, information about special events, contests, concert touring dates, and upcoming news and facts about upcoming artists.

All that, PLUS music...24/7, from four music styles: R&B and Soul, Jazz, Reggae, and Hip Hop.  Within that are four, very special, hour-long shows called "BIG HOP",which is hosted by super-producer and D.J. NardX, "BIG SPLIFS 4:20 REGGAE"hosted by Reggae singer RAS D. And "JAZZ CAFE"& STREETWISE ULTRA MIX, both hosted by Ealey. "SOUL CITY", is hosted!

That's right. I get to be a DJ, dishing it out vocally, with virtually the entire planet as potential listeners!  Two things have made this new-found role easier for me--a former TV sportscasting career (long ago!), and the guidance of my boss Michael Ealey....who's smooth, crooning voice can easily be heard throughout the air waves of Streetwise broadcasts.

He's also taught me more than I "thought" I ever knew about music, and more importantly, about the endless supply of songs, potential stars, and opportunities out there--being offered by internet radio....that's not available on AM/FM, or even satellite radio!

For instance, on Streetwise we not only play the classics from the past, and the hits of today...but also the music rarely, if ever played before...that we offer now!  There is so much music, and so much un-discovered talent out there that may never have had a chance to be heard...UNTIL NOW!

WE play it on Streetwise Radio...and, if you're out there with material  you believe in,you can send it to us!  Streetwise will surely listen, and play it...if it's playable. You can contact us on the website anytime, while commenting and rating our music, shows, articles, content, and even the hosts!

I invite you to get involved with, and, enjoy internet radio...especially Streetwise Radio.  It's a blast, from the past...and into the future of world-wide radio. After all, you can now get us online, and with other WiFi enabled devices such as mobile phones, video game consoles, mp3 players, IPhones & IPads, Blackberry and Smart phones....and very soon--WIMAX in car set-ups that will surely become standard equipment.

The way things are going now, I'm sure Streetwise Radio will help expand Streetwise Delivery, but, just how far can it expand itself?  For almost one solid, fast-playing year, Streetwise Radio has been gathering listeners....with more tuning in each and every day!  Who knows....just how far that may "deliver" us!

Thanks so much, and be sure to tune to Streetwise Radio at

Most Sincerely,  PeteCam4
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 6 Outage/Maintenance

May 6 Outage/Maintenance

On May 6, between 3-6 am, PDT (10-13 
GMT/UTC), our bandwidth provider will be performing some important maintenance work. 
During this maintenance our website and 
streaming services may become unstable or unreachable. 

If you are listening to Streetwise Radio during this maintenance period and experience weird things happening, remain calm. Things should 
get better after 6am.