Monday, December 31, 2012

                                  HAPPY NEW YEAR

Friday, December 28, 2012


My description of Bilal is artistic and sensual. Bilal is always getting compared to D'Angelo. To me Bilal’s vocals and skill level far surpasses D'Angelo. In the late 1990s and early 2000s I was introduced to Bilal. He was in the neo soul and alternative hip hop group Soulquarians. The members consist of some awesome talent, Talib Kweli, Common (kneeling), Mos Def, James Poyser, Erykah Badu, Questlove, D'Angelo, Q-Tip, Bilal and the late great J Dilla. Wow! This was an amazing group of talented musicians. When Bilal came out with his debut album “1st Born Second” in 2001 I think it was the right thing for his music career. I loved the songs “Soul Sista”, “Fast Lane”, "Sometimes", “Love It” and “Love Poem. The song “Soul Sista” was on the movie soundtrack “Love And Basketball”. This Philadelphia, Pennsylvania born talent has been doing his thing since the late 1990s. Bilal is still going strong. He has a new album that was leaked on YouTube it is called” Love for Sale”. I think this album is amazing my favorite songs off this album are “Hollywood”, “All For Love”, “Lord don't let it”, “Get Out of My Hair”, “You're All I Need (Feels Like Heaven)” and “White Turns To Gray”. Bilal is an underrated artist with talent that needs to be played more. You can listen to new and unexposed artists like Bilal on Streetwise Radio. You can all so listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, Athena365, MyGen365, Live365 and iTunes.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Douye`-Golden Days

It has not been a Jazz, Pop, Contemporary artist that has stood out since Sade, Anita Baker. Well, Douye` in my opinion is right up there. Michael Ealey the DJ of Streetwise radio said to check her out. I’m listening to her music while I’m writing this blog and I must say she has smooth and sultry sound. Douye` is Nigerian born, lives in Los Angeles and is a real talent. She first started singing in church at the age of seven. In her mid-teens she traveled to Europe to pursue her growing musical dreams. Douye` came back to the USA where she studied voice at the acclaimed Musicians Institute in Hollywood California. After graduating, Douye performed in clubs throughout Los Angeles. I can’t believe I have never heard of her before. This goes to show you that there are so many great artists out there that have not been played on mainstream radio. Douye` debut album “Journey” came out in 2008. Four years later she has a new album out called “Golden Days”.  The songs on the album “Golden Days” and “Life Is Good” have me thinking about days when I’m kicked back on a Sunday afternoon with my honey. Douye` is an artist that beautiful! With a lot of sweetness! I’m a fan! Streetwise Radio is playing “Golden Days”.  You can listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, Athena365, Live365 and ITunes.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Keith Washington “Thinking Bout You”

I remember seeing Keith Washington on a couple of television shows and a movie in the 80’s and 90’s. He was on the sitcom Martin, the soap opera General Hospital and in the movie Poetic Justice. I was wondering why this R&B crooner was not singing any more. Keith Washington had some success in the 90’s with "Kissing You", which was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance Male and won a 1992 Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B and Soul Single – Male. "Kissing You" also topped the Billboard Hot R&B and Hip-Hop songs chart for week. Keith is another artist that was so underrated. I think he can out sing some of these so called R&B singers of today. Well, Keith Washington is back with a new single “Thinking Bout You”. It is about time Keith Washington is singing again. If this song is any indication of what his new album is about I can’t wait to hear the whole album. You can listen to “Thinking Bout You” on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, Athena365, Live365 and iTunes.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bobby V-“Dusk Till Dawn”

Bobby V’s 5th album “Dusk Till Dawn” is acceptable work from this R&B artist. Bobby V was born Robert Wilson on February 27, 1980, in Jackson, Mississippi. Bobby V grew up listening to the R&B greats, Michael Jackson, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Marvin Gaye, Jodeci, and The Isley Brothers. They were the artists that inspired him to become an R&B singer. Bobby V is another R&B artist that has been underrated in the music industry. In 2002 he was on season one of American Idol but did not make it. Bobby V was determined to pursue his music career. His three demo’s albums reached Puff Daddy who then forwarded them onto Ludacris and Disturbing Tha Peace president Chaka Zulu. Bobby V was the first R&B artist, on Disturbing Tha Peace Records.  Bobby V’s hit single "Pimpin' All Over the World", from Ludacris' multi-platinum selling album The Red Light District in 2004 was what made Bobby V the artist he is today.

I like some of the songs on Bobby V’s album “Dusk Till Dawn”. These are my favorite songs because of the lyrics. “Before You Break My Heart”, “First Class Love”, “Dusk Till Dawn”, “Nothing On You”, “Are You Ready” and “1st Class Love”. If a song does not have great lyrics, I can’t get with it. I think Bobby V should stick to singing on his songs. He does not need to have guest rappers featured on songs. I think it takes away from his R&B style. If anything have some guest R&B singers. I’m going to give this album 4 stars out of 5. Listen to songs from Bobby V’s album on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, Athena365, Live365 and ITunes.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Naturally 7

Naturally 7 is a this astonishing, talented, funky, amazing male singing group that specializes in ‘Vocal Play’. Vocal Play is when each member uses their voice in unison to recreate a different musical instrument, from drums to brass instruments and guitars. The group members consist of Roger Thomas (musical director, arranger, 1st Baritone, Rap), Warren Thomas (percussion, guitar, clarinet, and 3rd tenor), Rod Eldridge (1st tenor, scratching, trumpet), Napoleon “Polo” Cummings (4th Tenor, guitar), Dwight Stewart (2nd baritone, vocals, and trumpet), Garfield Buckley (2nd Tenor, Harmonica) and Armand “Hops” Hutton (Bass), all this uniqueness mergers into the sound of Naturally 7. The group was started by Roger Thomas and his brother Warren in New York City in 1999. Five other talented singers were added to the group over the years, while they were singing around the city. In the fall of 2007 they had success over in Europe and were forced onto the world with their extraordinary talent. Naturally 7 have recorded a number of albums over the years and with every album, just kept getting more amazing. Naturally 7’s debut album “Non Fiction” was recorded in 2000, “What Is It” (2003), “Christmas …It’s A Love Story” (2004), “Ready II Fly” (2006), ‘Wall Of Sound’ (2009) and “Vocal Play” (2010). I don’t see why it took so long for this group to get recognized for their phenomenal talent. Naturally 7 have a lot of fans over in Europe. It baffles me that I have never heard of them, since they originated in New York. I must say it is hard to pick a favorite song of Naturally 7 but I think I like Feel It (In the Air Tonight)”, “Broken Wings”, “768”, “RESCUE - God's Eyes” and “Blessed Assurance”. Naturally 7 have a new album is due to be released in the winter of 2012 called, “All Natural Live”. Naturally 7 will be touring worldwide in 2012 and 2013. I know we are going to be hearing a lot from these 7 talented brothers, who truly have a gift from God! If you have never heard of Naturally 7 you can hear them on Streetwise Radio. Listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, ITunes, Live365 and Athena365.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

KJ McNeil “I’m Music”

KJ McNeil is the son of Karl McNeil who is a Jazz and R&B musician who has toured and recorded with some great artist like, Regina Belle, Bobby Womack, Miles Jaye, Phil Perry, Donald Byrd, Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls and Gerald LeVert. KJ McNeil was a child prodigy. His father Karl McNeil detected KJ’s keen ear and the ability to pick up music at the tender age of 10 months. At the age of two KJ was entertaining other musicians, by sitting in and jamming with them on his drums. That is when other musician took notice of his growing talent. When he was 9 years old he became a professional musician. He subbed for another drummer during one of his father’s gigs. KJ has also been a professional jazz drummer since the age of 12 and has played with many great jazz musicians and recording artists including his father Karl McNeill Sr. KJ was selected to attend the Governor's School of the Arts program in Delaware at the age of 15. While he was going to school he continued to perform with the best jazz and R&B recording artists and increasing his skill level. KJ McNeil is a musician, vocalist, composer, and producer. KJ has two singles out called "Where U Start" and "The Sense of Leave” these songs are on the “I’m Music” album, soon to be released. KJ is one talented artist he wrote, produced, provided all vocals and recorded all live instrumentation on all of his songs. I’m looking forward to hearing his entire album. If there are other songs like "Where U Start" and "The Sense of Leave” on the album, KJ McNeil’s album is going on my playlist. I think this brother is a talent and a well-rounded musician that can sing. I hope we will be hearing from KJ McNeil for years to come.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cherine Anderson

Born on September 25, 1984 in Rockfort East Kingston, Jamaica, Cherine is a Jamaican actress and dancehall/reggae vocalist. Her career started in 1997, when she had a role in the film Dancehall Queen. Cherine is also known for her role as Serena in the 2003 Jamaican film, One Love. Cherine has worked with and toured with, a diversity of well-known artists throughout her career. Here are some of them, Sly and Robbie, Sting, Wyclef Jean, Bootsy Collins, Jimmy Cliff, Michael Franti, Jimmy Riley, Chuck Fenda, Britney Spears, Michael Franti, Spearhead, John Mayer, Counting Crows, Slightly Stoopid and Augustana among others. Cherine released her first album in March 2009 called "The Introduction-Dubstyle EP". The songs I like off this album are, "Shine On Jamaica", "Talk If Yuh Talking", "Kingston State of Mind", "Shine on Jamaica" and "Coming Over Tonight". These were the top songs on the reggae chart. I also like her song “Eagles & Doves” this song speaks to me. I think Cherine Anderson is blessed with a harmonious voice and great poetic ability. Cherine Anderson sound is a mixture of Dancehall, Reggae, Soul and R&B. She can unquestionably sing and is easy to listen too. Streetwise Radio is playing Cherine Anderson’s song "Talk If Yuh Talking". Stay tuned to Streetwise Radio for more songs from Cherine Anderson. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on I-Tunes, MyGen365, Athena365 and live365.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nina Vidal

Born Nina Simone Vidal on April 20 in Queens, New York, Nina is a talented American singer-songwriter and pianist. With a smooth fresh and sexy urban style, her voice is silky. Nina grew up in a multicultural neighborhood of Flushing New York. At age seven her musical studies began with piano lessons. The lessons continued through her high school years. Nina was not the typical teenager. While her peers were listening to Hip-Hop and R&B. Nina was listening to artist like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Anita Baker, Sade, Fiona Apple, Stevie Wonder and her namesake Nina Simone. I believe that our destiny is written for us and Nina’s destiny was to write and sing. When Nina graduated from high school, she received an academic scholarship to attend the prestigious Manhattan institution at New York University. Nina got her big break when she was a student at New York University. While attending the monthly open-mic night, she met musician, producer and composer Cate`. Nina gave him her demo, Cate` listened to it and he decided to produce her. Nina’s first songs she recorded was “End of The Rain” and “Do It Again”, songs that she wrote. Nina released her debut album on Uni-Village a Japanese label, in 2008 which was titled “Nina Vidal”. This album toppled Norah Jones “Come Away With Me”, as the number one Contemporary Jazz album in Japan. Nina held this spot for eight months straight. In September of that year it was the number one downloaded album on iTunes. I can see why every song on that album is amazing. Nina really came out smoking with her first album “Nina Vidal”. There is no slowing this young lady down. Nina’s second album “The Open-Ended Fantasy” was released on September 15, 2011 exclusively in Japan. This album became the number one Contemporary Jazz Album in that country in less than 24 hours. This album shows off how talented a writer she is. The song “Inside Outside”. I love the words “Lonely days/End before they’ve begun/Winter winds warm my skin/Like summer sun/And the inside is the outside/When you want me/And every side is the bright side/When you want me.” Wow! Nina does it all she can write and sing. It does not matter what Nina in singing Jazz, Blues, R&B, she has that soft soprano voice. She is definitely not a screamer that’s what I like about Nina Simone Vidal. Streetwise Radio is playing Nina’s song “Do It Again” and will definitely playing more songs from Nina Simone Vidal. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on I-Tunes, live365, Athena365, MyGen365.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Two of Africa’s foremost international Reggae stars, Ghana’s Rocky Dawuni and Cote D'Ivoire’s 
Alpha Blondy, will be sharing the stage at the forthcoming Africa Festival Munster to be 
held at Skaters Palace in Munster, Germany on June 23rd, 2012. Dawuni comes off a stellar
year in which his unique fusion of Reggae and Afrobeat won him the “Best African Artiste 2011” 
at the last International Reggae and World Music Awards , a feature on CNN’s African Voices 
as well as being named one of CNN’s Top 10 African Artists on the global stage.
Ivorian star Alpha Blondy has been one of the earliest pioneers of African Reggae, having 
played for thousands all over the world. His landmark album “Jerusalem” is still considered 
one of the finest Reggae albums ever recorded. Blondy has been a major force in African Reggae's 
global appeal alongside South Africa’s Lucky Dube and the new generation led by artists like 
Dawuni. This promises to be the ultimate African Roots Reggae party!!!

June 23, 2012 
Afrika Festival Muenster 2012
Skaters  Palace,  Dahlweg  126,
Muenster, Germany

Ghana’s international music star Rocky Dawuni has leveraged his popularity within and 
without of the Continent to champion social causes and inspire a generation of artists and
fans alike. Dawuni’s eloquence as well as his successful melding of musical celebrity and 
social action has made him a spokesperson for various causes worldwide. Over the last few
years, his music and electric live performances have attracted thousands to his concerts.
Rocky’s upcoming new album, “Afro Roots,” fully captures his unique fusion of Afro Beat a
nd Reggae while confirming him as an artist in the tradition of both Fela Kuti and Bob Marley
in utilizing his music to uplift, unify and inspire.

Please check out for complete tour listings! 

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Eric Bene`t “The One”

Eric Bene`t Jordan  was born on October 15, 1966 in Mobile Alabama.He is the youngest of five siblings. Eric grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He sang with group called the Gerard in the 1980s. In 1992 Eric his sister and his cousin formed a band called Bene’t, they released a self-titled album in 1992 that sold 100,000 records. Eric’s had some personal problems so his career was put on hold for a while. His father died of cancer. He became a single father of daughter named India  his girlfriend Tami Marie Stauff died on April 29, 1993 from injuries suffered in an automobile accident.Eric was married to Halle Berry from 2001 to 2005. In 2011 he married Princes ex-wife Manuela Testolini who gave birth to a baby girl, Lucia Bella on December 21, 2011. Eric’s career really started to flourish when he was nominated for a Grammy for “Spend My Life With You”, a duet he did with Tamia. This song was one of my favorites in 2000. Eric released his 7th album “The One” on June 5, 2012. This album is honest, classy and smooth. It has a lot of slow songs and has some up tempo songs as well. I really like this album and these are the songs that speak to me, “Gonna Be My Girl”, “That's My Lady”, “Harriett Jones”, “Runnin”, “News For You”, “Here In My Arms”. “I Hope That It's You” has a reggae beat. Eric and his daughter India Bene`t are doing a duet on the song “Muzik (Feat. India BenĂ©t)”. This is a beautiful song. Eric really did his thing on this album. I’m going to put this one on my playlist. Listen to some songs from Eric Bene`t “The One” album on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes, live365, Athena365 and MyGen365.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I’m writing about Keith Edward Elam known by Guru, because my cousin DJ Michael Ealey is going to be featuring Guru’s Jazzamatazz Volume II Reality CD on his internet radio station Streetwise Radio. Guru stands for Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal. I have been listening to Guru’s music while writing this blog, I’m wondering why I have not never heard of this brother. His Jazzmatazz album’s volume 1 through 4 is a fusion of jazz and hip hop at its best. Guru has some of the great jazz and R&B artists featured on this album like Donald Byrd, Simon Law, N'Dea Davenport, Branford Marsalis, DJ Jazzy Nice, DC Lee, Lonnie Liston Smith and Roy Ayers, Chaka Khan, Courtney Pine, Gary Barnacle, Carleen Anderson, DC Lee and DJ Jimmy Jay. Guru featuring Angie Stone “Keep Your Worries” is on hit. It is real refreshing to hear a rapper rap about something positive, other than that crap about degrading women, drinking, smoking, killing and the bling. It is truly sad that Guru died too young from cancer, just when his career was starting to blow up. His legacy will live on through his music. If you have not heard of Guru like myself listen to Streetwise Radio Big Hop 7-8pm Monday through Friday and Friday and Saturday at 11pm you will be a fan for life. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on live365, MyGen365, Athena365 and iTunes.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Monica (New Life)

Monica Denise Brown was born on October 24, 1980 in College Park, Georgia. Monica destine to be a singer, she started singing at Jones Hill Chapel United Methodist Church in Newman, Georgia at the age of two. At the 10 year old she became the youngest singer in Charles Thompson and the Majestics, traveling 12-piece gospel choir. Monica came on the music scene in 1991 when she was performing Whitney Houston’s 1986 “Greatest Love of All”. Dallas Austin a music producer saw her perform and offered Monica a record deal with Arista Records. Monica went on to put out 6 albums. She then known as the R&B teen queen. Now Monica is 31 years old with two kids and on her second marriage to NBA player Shannon Brown. Her 7th album “New Life” says it all. This album reflects Monica’s past and present. The songs I liked off this album are “Big Mistake”, Take A Chance (featuring Wale)”, “Until Its Gone”, “Amazing”, “Cry”, and “Time To Move On”. Monica is singing her heart on this album she is showing her maturity. I always liked Monica, it is good to hear her again. Check out some of Monica’s songs on Streetwise Radio. You can also tune into Streetwise Radio on live365, myGen365 and I-Tunes.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ruben Studdard (Letters from Birmingham)

The world fell in love with Ruben Studdard in 2003 when he was a contestant on American Idol T.V. show. Ruben Studdard was born Christopher Theodore Ruben Studdard on September 12, 1978 in Frankfurt, Germany. Ruben grew up in Birmingham Alabama, he began singing at the Rising Star Baptist Church he was three years old he when he sang for the first time. Ruben received a scholarship to Alabama A&M University in football while he was playing at Huffman High School. While Ruben was growing up he was listening to his mother’s Donny Hathaway and Fred Hammond albums. He decided he would pursue a career in music. Ruben joined the men’s music fraternity of America Omicron Delta chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Ruben was nicknamed the “Velvet Teddy Bear” when he was on American Idol and that name truly fit him. Ruben’s career took off after winning American Idol the single “Flying Without Wings” the song he sung on the finale show and one of the songs on his debut album “Soulful” released in 2003. This is still one of my favorites songs. Ruben went on to release a gospel album in November 2004 entitled “I Need an Angel” which was number one on the Gospel Charts in the first week and number twenty on the Billboard charts. Ruben went on to release two more albums in 2006. His third album “The Return”, he collaborated with Ne-Yo. On this album and in 2009 “Love Is” was released. I still enjoyed both of these albums. Ladies, Ruben Studdard is a single man again. His marriage to Sutra Zuri McCants lasted less than three years and with this said his new album “Letters From Birmingham” has been released and it is Ruben Studdard at his finest. My favorite songs on this album are “Do It Right (Feat. Chrisette Michele)”, “Turn U Out”, “What’s The Reason”, “Twisted Love” “Love Skies” and “ June 28th (I’m Single)”. Ruben Studdard pours his heart into this album and the diversity of this album is very appealing. You Can listen to songs form Ruben Studdard’s album “Letters from Birmingham” on Streetwise Radio or live365, MyGen365, Athena365 and iTunes.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some Critics Say R&B Music Is Dead

I don’t think so! There are so many great R&B artists out there. What happened to our true R&B entertainers with rich and exceptional voices? Like Stevie Wonder, Patty Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway Luther Vandross the list goes on. They’re out there; R&B is not dead! New R&B artist are being played on internet radio. The masses except the crap that is being played on the on-air R&B radio stations all over the country. I can’t stand the on-air R&B radio stations; they don’t play enough new artists all they play are the most popular artists that every ones heard of. On-air R&B radio stations are dead to me! Once the masses get tired of the crap that is being played on the on-air radio stations they will turn to internet radio. I like listening to internet radio, because you hear new artists that can really sing. The Dj’s on internet radio don’t have to adhere to the on-air radio station play list they can play whatever they like. My favorite internet radio station is Streetwise Radio the Dj’s play artists that you have never heard of like Melissa Untalon, Esperanza Spaulding, Cleveland P. Jones, Sa-Ra, Sean Oliver, Darrius Willrich, Boog Brown, Ruff Endz and Jeffery Smith. Streetwise radio keeps adding new artists to its playlist, artist that can sing! So when you get sick of the same old crap the on-air radio stations are playing tune into internet radio for some new talented R&B artists. You can tune into Streetwise radio on iTunes, MyGen365, live365, Athena365.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three New Programs Coming To Streetwise Radio

Streetwise radio will be adding two new programs to for listening pleasure. For all are Jazz fans who would like us to play more jazz we are bringing you more Jazz. Program name and time to be announced so stay tuned in for the new Jazz program. Then there is going to be a Blues program for all the down home blues lovers. This program will be on Saturday and Sunday time to be announced. Ultra Mix Mornings is coming to Streetwise Radio at 6am. It will start January 16th with news with Cynthia Austin. If you have a favorite artist you would like to hear email your requests to:   Make sure you keep checking in for our new programs and check the blogs on all the artists.