Sunday, February 8, 2015


By. Amero

What’s up people? Did you see your shadow the other day? Well for the
people who actually care winter will be staying around for a few more
weeks. Sh** i was hoping on putting away the jackets and umbrellas.
Speaking of staying around nothing has had the staying power as the
career of Charlie “last name” Wilson. The proverbial redwood tree of music
is back with a new album named “Forever Charlie”. I'm starting to think
he may just last forever. From “you dropped the ball on me” to collabs
with his celeb “nephew” Snoop. Charlie Wilson has been relevant for
decades.The new album has 12 tracks with features from pop stars Shaggy
and Snoop Dogg, In addition to Jam & Lewis, Wilson’s “Forever Charlie”
collaborators include longtime P Music Group colleagues Gregg Pagani
and Emile Ghantous. The latter, in tandem with Steve Daly and Keith
Hetrick, comprise the P Music team “Cartoons,” which produced four tracks
on the new album. Charlie said “ i wanted to give the album an uptempo
feel like what the Gap Band did”,and he didn't disappoint the album is a
blend of love and uptempo reggae r&b collabos. Please don't think the 9
time grammy nominee is slowing down because he isn't, the voice that is
so distinctive seems to find its way onto the radio and into your ears. The
Forever Charlie” tour begins Feb. 12 so expect to see Mr. Wilson on the
road here soon. The album is great I listened to the whole thing and I’m just 
in aw of the fact that the voice from before my time is still pushing and reaching
people today. I can't imagine today's singers even around in five years. The
authentic star power of our legends of the 60’s and 70’s just haven't trickled
down yet!! Thats why its important to appreciate Charlie’s talent because
it may not happen again. Go check it out Charlie Wilson's new album out
now on the Streetwise Radio Ultra Mix, iTunes, Live365,