Monday, April 16, 2012

Monica (New Life)

Monica Denise Brown was born on October 24, 1980 in College Park, Georgia. Monica destine to be a singer, she started singing at Jones Hill Chapel United Methodist Church in Newman, Georgia at the age of two. At the 10 year old she became the youngest singer in Charles Thompson and the Majestics, traveling 12-piece gospel choir. Monica came on the music scene in 1991 when she was performing Whitney Houston’s 1986 “Greatest Love of All”. Dallas Austin a music producer saw her perform and offered Monica a record deal with Arista Records. Monica went on to put out 6 albums. She then known as the R&B teen queen. Now Monica is 31 years old with two kids and on her second marriage to NBA player Shannon Brown. Her 7th album “New Life” says it all. This album reflects Monica’s past and present. The songs I liked off this album are “Big Mistake”, Take A Chance (featuring Wale)”, “Until Its Gone”, “Amazing”, “Cry”, and “Time To Move On”. Monica is singing her heart on this album she is showing her maturity. I always liked Monica, it is good to hear her again. Check out some of Monica’s songs on Streetwise Radio. You can also tune into Streetwise Radio on live365, myGen365 and I-Tunes.