Saturday, August 6, 2011

CHELSEY BELL, Now Playing on Streetwise Radio

Soulful sound that is fresh, soothing and addictive . Her song "Be Your Lover",
is a hit on Streetwise Radio.
Michael K. Ealey
Chelsey Bell grew up in Houston, TX and has always had a strong passion for music. With a supportive mother who loved RanB/Soul music and a father who was an amazing vocalist himself, she discovered that she had a talent that the world deserved to experience. Growing up she listened to many different genres of music, and when she graduated from high school, she began to pursue her gift and perform in local talent competitions and open mic venues around Houston. While performing at the Red Cat Jazz Café, a popular restaurant and performance venue in the heart of Houston, she met Aaron Johnson, Senior Vice President of Creative Marketing for Bungalo/Universal Music group. He saw something that he knew would make her a household name and heard what he knew everyone else deserved to experience.
While Chelsey continued to work full time and pursue her education at the University of Houston full time, she found the time to record a 5 song demo with Lab Ox Productions. The result was a completed and professional demo CD with songs that sounded ready for radio airplay. Having lost touch with Aaron while pursuing so many endeavors, she decided that she’d send her demo to him just to hear his thoughts. He immediately called her when he heard the quality of her song content and the production and he started to make moves toward getting her into the studio and onto the radio.
In the beginning of 2010, Chelsey went to Dallas, TX to record a song with producer Goldfinger. There she made the hit song, “Keep It Jumpin”, and it began to take off. DJs in the South loved the song and clubs that added it to their set list received an overwhelming response from the crowd. Currently she is still riding on the high of the success from that record and is planning to start a college tour to continue promoting it. Chelsey also plans to get back in the studio with Lab Ox as well as other great producing talents and it would seem that the sky is the limit for this up and coming performer.