Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Committed” an all-male gospel group from Huntsville, Alabama wins the second season of NBC’s The Sing-Off. They sing acapella with such range and depth it’s hard to believe that there are no instruments in the background. If you missed the second season of The Sing Off you can still see full episodes on-line at NBC’s website.
All of the groups in the show were exceptional this season but “Committed” was outstanding and deserved to win the grand prize: a recording contract and $100,000.
According to the brief history of the group given on the show, “Committed” was founded in 2003 by four high school students at Forest Lake Academy. The group stayed together as they progressed to Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama where they continued to perform together. The members of the group include Geston Pierre, Robbie Pressley, Tommy Gervais, Dennis Baptiste, Maurice Staple and Therry Thomas. Although they sing mainly inspirational gospel music they have such range to do a wide variety music which they demonstrated so well on the show.
From the beginning “Committed” was very consistent in their performances with various members of the group taking the lead vocals; the harmonies and booming bass lines were amazing to hear. You can listen to each night’s performance at the NBC website below. My favorite was their rendition of One Republic’s “Apologize”:
So, this is a group to look out for and remember you heard it here first on Streetwise Radio - “Committed” – an outstanding vocal group – the next “Boyz II Men!
Cealey, CFO.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010


                                            Now Playing on Streetwise Radio Ultra Mix

Jennifer Meade is all about the positive. This woman’s got a 
major league voice, the kind A&R guys from Stax, Motown, 
and Atlantic used to go crazy for: silky smooth but with a lot 
of muscle behind it. “I.T.N.O.L” is all about love. Lyrics are Hits, vocal performances are epics, romanticals, sounding like coming out of the soul of the listener. Jennifer Meade will expand one way or another, she has great natural depth, and makes you feel the emotion in each and every word. Stronger, her first single, is a commercially viable musical score, filled with oodes of emotions. Jennifer Meade first encounter with music was through her father’s passion and love of it. At the age of 15 her work as young choir director caught the interest of Second Regard - She started singing in a group called The Harmonettes, then later on became part of another group, Touch of Heaven. "Working with those group opened me up to other branches of international music," says Jennifer. "I met musicians and vocalists from all over the world." Of those musicians, there was Quincy Jones, Freddy James, Michael Bolton, Paul Anka, Celine Dion, Kirk Franklin, Oliver Jones, and Oscar peterson. She shared the stage with renowned artist such as James Hall, Hezekiah Walker, Craig Hayes, Marvin Sapp, Daniel Lavoie, Joane Blouin and Aretha Franklin. She was featured as the music director on CBC Canada evening special with international opera singer Wilaminia Ferdenez. Meade, whose influences include Kirk Franklin and CeCe Winans, recently released Divine Conversations Vol. I and Vol. II, a collection of more than two dozen new original songs that blend R&B, soul, hip hop, funk, gospel, and pop. She’s described them as a series of conversations within. Some might find her music a little preachy, but preachy or not, it’s heartfelt and it’s hard to ignore what she can do to a piece of music. Source:
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Grammy Award-winning producer Quincy Jones pre...Image via WikipediaQuincy Delight Jones Jr. is the number one trumpeter in the music industry. Quincy Jones has been around for five decades as a record producer, conductor, musical arranger, film composer and television producer. Q called by his friends, fell in love with music in elementary school. Being the typical kid he tried just about all the instruments and fell in love with to trumpet. Quincy befriended Ray Charles when he was in his early teens and they formed a combo playing small clubs and weddings.
When Quincy was 18 he won a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Quincy got a offer to go on the road with bandleader Lionel Hampton, so he dropped out of school.

 This experience led him too becoming a free lance arranger in the 50's.
He wrote music for some of the greats like Tommy Dorsey, Gene Krupa, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Dinah Washington, Cannonball Adderley and Ray Charles. Quincy arranged for Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee and Dinah Washington these were some of the most important artist in the 60's. Quincy Jones, 1962 song Soul Bossa Nova came from the Big Band Bossa Nova album. Soul Bossa Nova song were in motion picture The Pink Panther and Austin Powers. Quincy Jones wanted to re-record with Miles Davis some of his classics albums, but Miles refused him he didn't  want to revisit the past. Suffering from pneumonia in 1991 Miles Davis agreed to perform some of his music from the past at the Montreux Jazz Festival with Quincy Jones. This duo resulted in the recording, Miles & Davis Live at Montreux. This was Davis last recording, he died several months after. Quincy Jones and David Salzman got to together and produced An American Reunion concert extravaganza for President Bill Clinton's inauguration. From this collaboration they formed the company Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment. Quincy Jones produced Michael Jackson Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad albums. This made Quincy the most powerful record producer in the music industry.

Now Quincy Jones has done it again he has a new album out called Soul Bossa Nostra. Quincy has a collaboration of artist from different genres of music. This album has Snoop Dog singing and rapping "Get the Funk Out of My Face"  in his laid back style. "It's My Party" song by Amy Winehouse you might want to turn the volume down. Talib Kweli is featured on the "Ironside" song and I must say I like it a lot. "Give Me the Night" Jamie Foxx is blowing like always. Akon in featured on Strawberry Letter 23 a Brothers Johnson song one of my old time favorites. Bebe Winans is singing "Everything Must Change" a beautiful song. John Legend sings "Tomorrow".
Jennifer Hudson putting her heart in "You Put A Move on My Heart". These are some of the artist and songs on Soul Bossa Nostra. This album has a little something for everyone. Quincy is headed in my opinion for a Grammy nomination or possibly a Grammy for this album. Go out and get it you won't be disappointed.


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Streetwise Radio Now Playing "Ganesh-Life is Beautiful"

The Live band Ganesh,is the brainchild of the Sicilian born DJ/Producer,Enzo Ponzio whom with this project has the vision of bringing World class music not only to the dancefloor but also,to all fans of good,original Live music.Enzo calved out a name out for himself in the fashion metropolis of the world, Milano,after he decided to leave his place of birth,the sundrenched Isle of Sicily where he had already been well known for his trail blazing Dj sets since the late 80's when it all began to take an the fashion Metropolis of the world,Milano.After arriving in Milano he soon became very popular with his blend of Electronica/Nu-jazz/Broken-beats and Funk in many fashion bars in Milano including the exclusive Rialto club,where was the Resident Dj. With the assistance of Carmelo di Grande on keyboard’s including Rhodes and the Clavinet with other talented Italian musicians they brought together Ganesh’s debut album “Sopra la Soglia” released in December 2002 through Scenario Records.The album was a mixture of Nu-jazz/Bossanova/Broken-Beats/Electronica and Funk, upon it’s release it put Ganesh firmly on the map as one of the many fine connoisseurs of Nu-jazz in the whole of Italy next to top artist’s like Nicola Conte also from Italy. In the beginning of 2005 Ganesh hooked up with the dance DJ,Peppe Pappalardo who also Dj’d in many fashion bar’s in Milano including The Yguana. While still working with Carmello di Grande they started work on their second album ”Club 21”. While working on “Club21” Enzo became one of the Dj’s on the German radio station,Radio 42. His show the “the Blue Set” a mixture of Nu-Jazz/Electronica/Funk/RnB and other abstract beats brought him respect not only in Italy where he is loved but also abroad. After hearing a track by the South African born singer,Marlon Cherry who was based in the U.K on Radio 42, Ganesh made plans to get him involved with the group not only to lay down vocals on Club21 but also to write and perform in English for them, which so took place and within some time they had completed Writing,Producing and Mixing the second album “Club 21” in their Milano Studio,with all the components of the band firmly in place. The style of “Club21” didn’t stray too far from the debut album although some aspects of Hip Hop,Soul and RnB were brought to “Club 21” by the African born Singer/Songwriter. “Club 21” was released in June 2005,again on Scenario Record’s adding to the kudos Ganesh had already gained with “Sopra La Soglia” amongst his musical counterparts. Many tracks from “Club 21” found their way onto numerous important compilations including The Martini Mood’s compilations which featured some of the heavyweights of the Lounge music genre like Boozoo Bojou and Mo' Horizons. This compilation was released on top German lounge label “Stereo Deluxe” and accompanied a Martini ad campaign on television across Europe featuring George Clooney over the Christmas period which ran for 4 years,every festive season. 2005 was full of ups and downs for Ganesh notably Enzo and Peppe being voted by GQ magazine to be in the top 30 DJ’s throughout Italy. Both DJ’s went on too play their Funky House set’s (no faster than 120 bpm’s) to the whole of Italy and the World on the net on the biggest National radio station in Italy,” Play Radio” for the wildly popular Saturday night show “La noche Escobrosa” playing next too international heavyweights such as Rui da Silva and Andrea Bertolini to name but a few... In the same year the band were chosen by MTV for the MTV Sunset Tour playing live with the band then followed by stomping Dj sets from Enzo and Peppe at some of thee most spectacular seaside venue’s in Italy including the world famous “Nikki Beach” in Sardinia. The group played their live sets next to “Juan Ribas” from Ibiza c/o the club Space and DJ Raven from France who is the resident DJ at the world famous fashion bar, “The Bhudda Lounge” in Paris. Sadly at the end of 2005 DJ Peppe passed away inspiring the group to write the the third album "Life in Beautiful" which they not only dedicated to their fallen soldier,Dj Peppe but to life itself! The track "Brother we really Miss You" was written in memory of his life and times with the group. Dj Peppe's passing left an empty void in the group but with their partner’s spirit in their heart they persevered,then wrote and produced their third studio album “Life is Beautiful” which they have dedicated to the Life and times of their fallen Brother,DJ Peppe. With the semi completion of the third album in 2006 Ganesh were again offered the MTV Sunset tour only this time they played next too top act’s like Skin(Skunk Anansie), Zero 7 ,Soulwax/Too many DJ’s to packed out crowds of about 20000 people a show,which remain the biggest gigs to date for the group. In the same year the group also completed a successful National tour of Italia with "Absolut Vodka-Absolut Tracks" as well. As precursor to the release of "L.I.B",Scenario Music physically re-released the groups initial two albums in 2007 in a well packaged box set,this box set was called "The Wonderful World of Ganesh",following on from this the initial single from "Life is Beautiful" was “We are Ganesh” which was released on Italian radio and is still receiving airplay on various radio station’s around the Globe at the moment, including some airplay in Marlon’s Country of birth South Africa also Germany,Finland and Monaco to name but a few countries who warmed to it. The second single is a cover chosen by Dj Enzo,having spun it as a teenager and is a cover originally by London Beat, “I’ve been Thinking about You” which features two cracking Remixes,with the Urban Remix featuring Italy's own Bad Boy Hip Hop Star "Dj Thor el T" and is being spun on the airwaves in Europe, U.S.A and Internationally on the net.The track in all its guises is receiving massive airplay and is available at all online mp3 stores including the largest ones E-music, Amazon and the biggest,I Tunes. The track is availed as hard copy on the album “Life is Beautiful” released 24th of March 2008 in Europe and 08th of April 2008 in the U.S.A The single has made it on some very popular music compilations including Radio Monte Carlo ,New Classics Vol 3 by EMI,Glamour Beat Session 3 out of Milano, Bulle & Pupe compilation and Glam House vol 3(Volume 4 also has a Ganesh track on it)To coincide with the release of the album “Life is Beautiful” in Russia the single also features on a compilation out there called “Intelligent Music Favourites Vol 3”.The single also appears in Hungary on the compilation “99.9 Jazzy Lounge” by Universal and is earmarked to appear on compilations in Germany as well. Ganesh also feature in the Italian music magazine “Acid Jazz”,the July 2008 edition. The magazine came out with a compilation cd with tracks selected by Dj Thor aptly called “Acid Jazz by Dj Thor” and Ganesh also feature on this compilation. The Future is looking bright for Ganesh with the International release of their third album “Life is Beautiful” in Japan, U.S.A, U.K, Scandinavia, Russia and Mainland Europe and Australia. The 3rd album "Life is Beautiful" which is blend of Dance/Electronica/Pop/Rap/Spoken-Word/RnB and Soul has been hailed by the group as their best works too date.
For Bookings:
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tovah Ealey Ultra Mix ID Voice

Tovah Ealey is a Sacramento Valley resident and a long-time lover an eclectic mix of heartfelt soul-filled music including traditional jazz, blues, world and “that which can’t be classified”.  Tovah occasionally puts on the Streetwise cap and proudly delivers for Streetwise Special Delivery. She has also been known to volunteer to record into podcasts several digest articles for a San Jose non-profit organization. Oh yes she is Michael Ealey's sister.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor is a soulful singer, she sings about life. Her CD has a little something for what ever you are go through in life. Her song “The Day” is one of my favorites, it spoke to me. She is definitely a artist that has something to say. Lisa Taylor is a artist to watch.

                              Lisa Lehua Taylor  BIO
From the Big Island of Hawaii, Lisa Lehua Taylor has been singing her entire life.Growing up in a household where she was exposed to Theatre at a very young age and her parents played everything from Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, she was always encouraged to pursue her love of music.Lisa finally started performing at the age of 10 and hasn't stopped since! After years of making a living as a Vocalist in her home state, and performing with some of the best musicians the State has to offer, she's also regularly performed in Japan, Korea and Singapore.Since moving to Santa Cruz 5 years ago Lisa is quickly building a name for herself in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas.She has lent her vocal talent to many recording projects over the years and has just completed her debut album "LT." Lisa Taylor.
Available on Cdbaby-
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Michael Ealey, the owner of Streetwise Special Delivery has given the Streetwise Radio Website a new look. When you click on Streetwise Radio, you should register so you can get the full experience of the site. By registering you can access Irie Vision World Beat Tv Show hosted by Carmelita Harris. This is a popular show has been on air on channel 29 in San Francisco. It was actually started by Michael. Carmelita with her personality and good looks set this show in to orbit.Now you can see what you have been missing.Also when you
register you can view all of Streetwise Video’s, of some the latest back stage interviews Streetwise Radio also has great blogs written by the staff and by Shelah Moody. You can also get
Twitter updates and see what the Streetwise Drivers and Dispatch are seeing and hearing. You can click on who’s listening and see who’s listening to Streetwise Radio. There is so much to see on the new Streetwise Radio site so click on and register and have fun.


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dru Hill

                     Now Playing on the ULTRA MIX

The singing group 'Dru Hill' rose quickly to fame in the mid-1990's, offering a smooth blend of R&B, soul, and gospel music.
Best known for their #1 R an B hit singles "In My Bed", "Never Make a Promise", and "How Deep is Your Love",  this four-man ensemble from Baltimore, Maryland, went on to record seven Top-40 hits and two smash hit LP's by the end of 1999.
Dru Hill's musical style is sort of a cross between the smooth, gentleman-like 'Boyz II Men', and the self-proclaimed "bad boys of R&B", 'Jodeci'...a band who's often criticized Dru Hill for allegedly imitating their on-stage style!
In reality, Dru Hill's two major influences were 'Stevie Wonder' and 'The New Edition',  however, their best songs were writtin by either themselves or by producers 'Daryl Simmons', 'Keith Sweat', and 'Babyface'.
The early years were very interesting.  Prior to becoming Dru Hill, they were all middle school buddies pursuing music careers, when, finally, 'Tamir "Nokio" Ruffin' founded the band....which included lead singer 'Mark "Sisqo" Andrews', 'Larry "Jazz" Anthony', and 'James "Woody Rock" Green'.
Their first gig was actually at a local fudge factory, where they not only made fudge together, but would sing and perform to entertain guests as well! (Still a tradition at "The Fudgery" in Baltimore) 
The group got its name from a popular hang out called 'Druid Hill Park', where they sang gospel songs as kids!
They finally got their big break in 1996, when manager 'Haqq Islam' arranged for them to sign with 'Island Records', which led to the debut album self-titled "Dru Hill" eventual gold seller!
The album's first single "Tell Me" was featured on the sound track of 'Whoopi Goldberg's' film "Eddie", and was a 'Top-5 R&B' hit in the United States.
In 1998, thier second album 'Enter the Dru' featured single "How Deep Is Your Love", also a 'Top-5" hit, and featured on the soundtrack of the 'Jackie Chan' and 'Chris Tucker' film "Rush Hour".
Meanwhile, all four members took turns singing lead, with 'Mark "Sisqo" Andrews' making the biggest impression.
After the band split up just before 2000, it was 'Sisqo' who unleashed his smash album "Unleash the Dragon", who's single "Thong Song" established Sisqo as a household name outside of Dru Hill.
In 2002, the group reunited under the 'Def Soul Records' label, and added a fifth member, 'Rufus "Scola" Waller'. 
 Dru Hill's third hit album called "Dru World Order" was released in November of that year, and over the next few years, they would enjoy equal success touring with fellow R&B acts 'Toni Toni Toni', 'Bell Biv Devoe', and 'Keith Sweat'.
Just a few weeks ago, on July 27th, 2010, Dru Hill released their fourth album "InDRUpendence Day", along with three new singles.
Last Saturday, August 14th, they made that album's debut, performing at New Yorkk's 'Paradise Theater'.
Dru Hill also has a new T.V. show called "Keith Sweat's Platinum House", which first aired June 28th, 2010 on 'Centric' (cable), and, it appears Dru still--a band on the rise!
Thanks, and check out Dru Hill on "Soul City" every night at 6pm on 'Streetwise Radio'.
Keep listening,  PeteCam4 

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Streetwise Ultra Mix has reached a new mile stone

Neon music signImage via Wikipedia

The Streetwise Ultra Mix has reached a new mile stone. We are running an 8 hour play list..
The rotation is huge. You can now listen to the Ultra Mix and hear more R&B, Reggae, HipHop and Jazz than ever before.24/7. We now have 188 presets from our loyal Live 365 listeners. Thank You. Tell your friends about us and keep the presets coming. We are curently ranked number 16 in R&B on Live
We are number 1 when it comes to all genres  R&B Reggae Jazz And Hip Hop when we combine them together.
Friday Streetwise Radio will launch a new Streetwise Radio Web Site. This blog will be the Streetwise Ultramix Blog.Continue to visit this site for news about the ultra mix. Also come here to find out about Streetwise Special Delivery Inc., the sponsor of this station, promotions and contest in the near future.

If you are a musician or know of someone who has a CD out please give us a shout by pushing the button on our Live 365 station page and inform us about an artist.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Streetwise Radio Welcomes Exposure Ni with Cynthia Austin

Monday-Friday 6pm Pacific Time on  Soul City

 Over the years, God has blessed Cynthia to work at the #1 Radio Station in the markets where she has been employed.  In fact, she was nominated for Who’s Who Among America’s Broadcasters.  
Through Cynthia, she provides Radio Stations and Websites with the daily news program Exposure Ni.  She also hosts Adultery Online, Bible Minute, Bible Quiz Radio and has authored a book.  Exposure Ni is a rapidly growing syndicated Radio News Program which can be heard over 150 times daily on Radio Stations across America and around the world.
Cynthia attended the University of Houston and Columbia School of Broadcasting.  She was recently appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for the Elite News National Religious Hall of Fame.  She resides in Arlington, Texas with her two children (the cubs)..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Have you heard the saying “Time Does Not Stands Still For Anybody”. Well it sure doesn’t, I can’t hardly believe a year has past and Streetwise Radio is one year old. When Michael told me he was going to start a radio station, I thought that was cool. When Streetwise Radio started, I knew it was going to take off, because Michael was playing music the other stations weren’t.

Michael being the cool DJ that he is, has set his radio station up in categories Ultra Mix, Jazz Café, Big Splif’s 420 Reggae, Soul City and Big Hop. Streetwise Radio has a listener ship all over the world. It’s nice to sit at work and listen to music, it makes the day more enjoyable. My favorites are the Jazz Café from 12-1pm and Soul City 6-7pm. Streetwise Radio caters to the young and the old. If your not listening to Streetwise Radio go to type in Streetwise Radio or you can listen on iTunes Radio by clicking on R&B. Well Happy Birthday Streetwise Radio and many more to come.


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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reggae star Sugar Minott dies at 54

Minott died Saturday at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Jamaica's capital, Kingston, his wife Maxine Stowe said Sunday. She did not disclose the cause of death.

Sugar Minott who I met years ago at Reggae Sun Splash was
not only a great Reggae Singer but a Great Person. I remember chanting with him backstage.

Sugar will be missed.

M. Ealey 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shelah Moody Joins Streetwise Radio

       Shelah Moody is Streetwise Radio's new Entertainment Corespondent. She will be interviewing various artists at concerts and other events. Look for her reports on our blogs.
And listen for here bulletins and interviews on Streetwise Radio.We are lucky to have such a professional on our staff. 
  Here is her Bio:

           Shelah Moody caught the entertainment bug at an early age. Her late father, Edward Moody, was an acclaimed pianist who used to bring her to his gigs as a child and introduced her to jazz greats such as Wynton Marsalis and Freddie Hubbard. .
Ms. Moody wrote her first concert review of Natalie Cole’s performance at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu, HI, where she grew up, for her elementary school newspaper at age ll. Her career path was confirmed as a pre-teen when she accompanied a local journalist and family friend to a Heatwave/Rose Royce concert and she always remembered the exhilarating feeling of being given her first backstage pass.
            Ms. Moody Holds a B.A. in journalism and a master’s degree in ethnic studies.
She has contributed to  the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the San Francisco Weekly, the San Francisco Bay View,,  Honey Magazine, KPOO and others. Ms. Moody spent 12 years on staff at the San Francisco Chronicle, where she had a weekly column in the Style section and learned about podcasting and audio reporting. One of the highlights of her career was meeting Michael Jackson in 2005 during his trial for child molestation. Streetwise Radio is her latest venture. She is a member of the San Francisco chapter of the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (GrammysO> 
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'Streetwise Radio' the wave of the future!

Of the 168-million Americans who use wireless-access technology, 60-million of them log on to internet radio at least once a week, and listener ship could reach as high as 80-million by 2011.  Together, with countless millions listening around the world, it's no wonder that internet radio has become the wave of the future!
I personally took that wave from a rather uncommon beach called "Streetwise".  What I mean is, I drive for a courier company called 'Streetwise Special Delivery' in Gilroy, California....where we deliver the goods by car, truck, boat, train, jet, and--internet radio!
Owner/CEO Michael Ealey launched 'Streetwise Radio' via '' in June, 2009, and, it's become an enormous marketing tool on our website
Ealey has tailored Streetwise Radio from his own professional career as a program director and disc jockey, adding a vast computer knowledge to scour the internet for an exquisite, unmatched play list of songs that comfortably suit, not only American audiences, but, 27 other countries listening around the world.
In less than a year, Streetwise Radio has achieved a number-one ranking, besting more than 6-thousand internet radio sites in the R&B and Jazz music catagories.....and, I've had the pleasure of being part of it all! This past January Streetwise Radio was launched
on iTunes.
I don't just deliver, I market and sell by publishing blogs about artists who's songs we play on Streetwise Radio.  Together with dispatcher L.M. and Michael Ealey, we we post musical biography's, updates to our play list, information about special events, contests, concert touring dates, and upcoming news and facts about upcoming artists.

All that, PLUS music...24/7, from four music styles: R&B and Soul, Jazz, Reggae, and Hip Hop.  Within that are four, very special, hour-long shows called "BIG HOP",which is hosted by super-producer and D.J. NardX, "BIG SPLIFS 4:20 REGGAE"hosted by Reggae singer RAS D. And "JAZZ CAFE"& STREETWISE ULTRA MIX, both hosted by Ealey. "SOUL CITY", is hosted!

That's right. I get to be a DJ, dishing it out vocally, with virtually the entire planet as potential listeners!  Two things have made this new-found role easier for me--a former TV sportscasting career (long ago!), and the guidance of my boss Michael Ealey....who's smooth, crooning voice can easily be heard throughout the air waves of Streetwise broadcasts.

He's also taught me more than I "thought" I ever knew about music, and more importantly, about the endless supply of songs, potential stars, and opportunities out there--being offered by internet radio....that's not available on AM/FM, or even satellite radio!

For instance, on Streetwise we not only play the classics from the past, and the hits of today...but also the music rarely, if ever played before...that we offer now!  There is so much music, and so much un-discovered talent out there that may never have had a chance to be heard...UNTIL NOW!

WE play it on Streetwise Radio...and, if you're out there with material  you believe in,you can send it to us!  Streetwise will surely listen, and play it...if it's playable. You can contact us on the website anytime, while commenting and rating our music, shows, articles, content, and even the hosts!

I invite you to get involved with, and, enjoy internet radio...especially Streetwise Radio.  It's a blast, from the past...and into the future of world-wide radio. After all, you can now get us online, and with other WiFi enabled devices such as mobile phones, video game consoles, mp3 players, IPhones & IPads, Blackberry and Smart phones....and very soon--WIMAX in car set-ups that will surely become standard equipment.

The way things are going now, I'm sure Streetwise Radio will help expand Streetwise Delivery, but, just how far can it expand itself?  For almost one solid, fast-playing year, Streetwise Radio has been gathering listeners....with more tuning in each and every day!  Who knows....just how far that may "deliver" us!

Thanks so much, and be sure to tune to Streetwise Radio at

Most Sincerely,  PeteCam4
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 6 Outage/Maintenance

May 6 Outage/Maintenance

On May 6, between 3-6 am, PDT (10-13 
GMT/UTC), our bandwidth provider will be performing some important maintenance work. 
During this maintenance our website and 
streaming services may become unstable or unreachable. 

If you are listening to Streetwise Radio during this maintenance period and experience weird things happening, remain calm. Things should 
get better after 6am.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Streetwise Radio Celebrates 100 presets on Live365 with more JAZZ

In March of 2010 we saw the largest increase in listener ship ever. 2096:02 hours were log on to Streetwise radio. We also reached a new high in presets from live 365 listeners. 100 presets. Thank you! We have
all kinds of exciting things in the works for the future so stay tuned. Nard x has taken the reigns of the Streetwise Big Hop. Check him out at 7pm Pacific time every day. DJ Peter Cirivilleri is dishing out classic 
Soul R an B for you at 6pm Pacific time every day. 

Now at 12pm Pacific time Michael Ealey is pumping up the Jazz Cafe with incredible sounds every day.
Here are some of the newest Jazz greats just droped into rotation.

If you have not heard the sound of this dynamic and versital jazz group, your ears are in for a real treat. We have posted there bio on the Streetwise Jazz Cafe Blog. They are now playing also in the Ultra Mix.

                                                   MARCUS MILLER

This album Titled "Marcus" Heated up the scean in 2008. Well it is more than just hot in 2010. So
it's on our Jazz Cafe list this month. The man has got the Jazz Bass guitar goin on. We hope to Blog about him soon on the Jazz Cafe Blog coming soon.