Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Streetwise Ultra Mix has reached a new mile stone

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The Streetwise Ultra Mix has reached a new mile stone. We are running an 8 hour play list..
The rotation is huge. You can now listen to the Ultra Mix and hear more R&B, Reggae, HipHop and Jazz than ever before.24/7. We now have 188 presets from our loyal Live 365 listeners. Thank You. Tell your friends about us and keep the presets coming. We are curently ranked number 16 in R&B on Live 365.com.
We are number 1 when it comes to all genres  R&B Reggae Jazz And Hip Hop when we combine them together.
Friday Streetwise Radio will launch a new Streetwise Radio Web Site. This blog will be the Streetwise Ultramix Blog.Continue to visit this site for news about the ultra mix. Also come here to find out about Streetwise Special Delivery Inc., the sponsor of this station, promotions and contest in the near future.

If you are a musician or know of someone who has a CD out please give us a shout by pushing the button on our Live 365 station page and inform us about an artist.

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