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Dru Hill

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The singing group 'Dru Hill' rose quickly to fame in the mid-1990's, offering a smooth blend of R&B, soul, and gospel music.
Best known for their #1 R an B hit singles "In My Bed", "Never Make a Promise", and "How Deep is Your Love",  this four-man ensemble from Baltimore, Maryland, went on to record seven Top-40 hits and two smash hit LP's by the end of 1999.
Dru Hill's musical style is sort of a cross between the smooth, gentleman-like 'Boyz II Men', and the self-proclaimed "bad boys of R&B", 'Jodeci'...a band who's often criticized Dru Hill for allegedly imitating their on-stage style!
In reality, Dru Hill's two major influences were 'Stevie Wonder' and 'The New Edition',  however, their best songs were writtin by either themselves or by producers 'Daryl Simmons', 'Keith Sweat', and 'Babyface'.
The early years were very interesting.  Prior to becoming Dru Hill, they were all middle school buddies pursuing music careers, when, finally, 'Tamir "Nokio" Ruffin' founded the band....which included lead singer 'Mark "Sisqo" Andrews', 'Larry "Jazz" Anthony', and 'James "Woody Rock" Green'.
Their first gig was actually at a local fudge factory, where they not only made fudge together, but would sing and perform to entertain guests as well! (Still a tradition at "The Fudgery" in Baltimore) 
The group got its name from a popular hang out called 'Druid Hill Park', where they sang gospel songs as kids!
They finally got their big break in 1996, when manager 'Haqq Islam' arranged for them to sign with 'Island Records', which led to the debut album self-titled "Dru Hill" eventual gold seller!
The album's first single "Tell Me" was featured on the sound track of 'Whoopi Goldberg's' film "Eddie", and was a 'Top-5 R&B' hit in the United States.
In 1998, thier second album 'Enter the Dru' featured single "How Deep Is Your Love", also a 'Top-5" hit, and featured on the soundtrack of the 'Jackie Chan' and 'Chris Tucker' film "Rush Hour".
Meanwhile, all four members took turns singing lead, with 'Mark "Sisqo" Andrews' making the biggest impression.
After the band split up just before 2000, it was 'Sisqo' who unleashed his smash album "Unleash the Dragon", who's single "Thong Song" established Sisqo as a household name outside of Dru Hill.
In 2002, the group reunited under the 'Def Soul Records' label, and added a fifth member, 'Rufus "Scola" Waller'. 
 Dru Hill's third hit album called "Dru World Order" was released in November of that year, and over the next few years, they would enjoy equal success touring with fellow R&B acts 'Toni Toni Toni', 'Bell Biv Devoe', and 'Keith Sweat'.
Just a few weeks ago, on July 27th, 2010, Dru Hill released their fourth album "InDRUpendence Day", along with three new singles.
Last Saturday, August 14th, they made that album's debut, performing at New Yorkk's 'Paradise Theater'.
Dru Hill also has a new T.V. show called "Keith Sweat's Platinum House", which first aired June 28th, 2010 on 'Centric' (cable), and, it appears Dru still--a band on the rise!
Thanks, and check out Dru Hill on "Soul City" every night at 6pm on 'Streetwise Radio'.
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