Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Michael Ealey, the owner of Streetwise Special Delivery has given the Streetwise Radio Website a new look. When you click on Streetwise Radio, you should register so you can get the full experience of the site. By registering you can access Irie Vision World Beat Tv Show hosted by Carmelita Harris. This is a popular show has been on air on channel 29 in San Francisco. It was actually started by Michael. Carmelita with her personality and good looks set this show in to orbit.Now you can see what you have been missing.Also when you
register you can view all of Streetwise Video’s, of some the latest back stage interviews Streetwise Radio also has great blogs written by the staff and by Shelah Moody. You can also get
Twitter updates and see what the Streetwise Drivers and Dispatch are seeing and hearing. You can click on who’s listening and see who’s listening to Streetwise Radio. There is so much to see on the new Streetwise Radio site so click on and register and have fun.


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