Thursday, August 29, 2013

Perseverance is a trait often discussed but seldom appreciated in the music business. It takes the right kind of person to face the type of adversity that exists in the recording industry. Through the hard work and dedication, to the politics and red tape, singer London has grown into a mature and seasoned artist capable of creating catchy yet uncompromising hit records. With his new project Welcome To Londonland coming, London proves that there is power in direct connection; a bond with those who can relate to deeper thoughts about love, lust, heartache, and rekindling romance. But more importantly, it shows that he is not afraid to deliver a quality product directly to the people with no barriers or obstacles...just pure passion.

Born and raised in Oakland, CA, London developed his talents through church and local performances. Upon relocating to Atlanta, GA to further his career,London attended Morehouse College upon his mother's wishes. When he began to struggle to afford college tuition, London put his focus on creating new records and gaining the attention of influential industry people in the area. His efforts paid off when he met and began creating a demo with Ron "Neef-U" Feemster, Mike City, and the incomparable Ne-Yo. From there, the songs were delivered to a Universal/Motown A&R, who immediately recognized London's talent and signed him to the label. Some people would say London made it, but a new set of challenges and obstacles lay ahead.

Despite working with Ne-Yo, Rodney Jerkins, and James Fauntleroy, and releasing singles with heavyhitters like Lil Wayne and Flo-Rida , London's full-length project was on the shelf. After a few years of hard work with limited results, London grew frustrated and decided to part ways with label. Armed with a new found freedom and industry IQ, London utilized his network and got back in the studio to do things his way. This has a resulted in a back-to-basics approach to R&B; strong melody, meaningful lyrics, lush production, and incredible vocal performance. His new project, Welcome To Londonland, has already caused a stir among label and press folks alike, and it has not even been released yet.

Fans and critics can expect well-crafted singles and profound music videos from Welcome To Londonland, coming in Fall 2013. While being released independently, the quality and consistency of the project sounds like that of a major label studio album. Sometimes plans do not happen as they are supposed to. But lucky for London, talent, vision, and hard work is not planned, it just happens.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amp Fiddler

It's a shame that Amp Fiddler’s talent has not gained him more notoriety. I heard his song “Eye to Eye” from is 2004 album “Waltz of a Ghetto Fly” on Streetwise Radio. I thought this brother has that 70’s sound. Amp Fiddler is a singer-songwriter and keyboardist from Detroit, Michigan. As I continued to listen to his music, I’m amazed that I have never heard of him. It goes to show how awful the music has gotten on the on-air radio stations and television music stations like BET, VHI and MTV. The so called X-Generation doesn’t have a clue what real music is supposed to sound like. They just keep listening to the crap that is being played and accepting it. Amp Fiddler debut in 2004 with “Waltz of a Ghetto Fly” album some of my favorite songs are “Eye to Eye”, “Dreamin”, “Soul Devine You Could Be Mine”, “I Believe In You”, You Play Me”, “Unconditional Eyes” and This Is How”. If you have not heard of Amp Fiddler, take a listen to some of his songs on Streetwise Radio he is truly an artist that is funky and soulful. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes, MyGen365, Pandora, Live365 and Athena365.