Friday, October 4, 2013

Toi Horn

DJ Michael Ealey of Streetwise Radio is play this amazing artist Toi Horn. I want to know why she isn't more famous? Toi Horn is a pianist, vocalist, songwriter and producer from the D.C., Maryland area. Her musical genre are Jazz, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, R&B and World Music. I my opinion Toi is very underrated. I found out that she was forced against her will to take a psychological examination to determine he mental capacity and that she spent 72 days  in a mental ward at a Texas prison. It did not say why all this happened to this awesome talent. Two things it did say, is that she passed a mental evaluation and the prison where she was held the psychiatric doctors said “that Toi Horn does not presently suffer from a mental disease or defect”. I added a link below with court and U.S Department of Justice documents. Even though she has had some challenges she is a true talent. I hope we continue hearing more from Toi Horn. Some songs that are going on my play list are “Corruption”, “Let It Happen”, “If You Want My Love”, “Silence”, “DC Is Where I'm From” and “Sexy Brown Thang”. You can listen to songs from Toi Horn on Streetwise Radio. Also listen to Streetwise Radio on Gilroy Radio, MyGen365, Athena365, Live365, iTunes and Pandora.