Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some Critics Say R&B Music Is Dead

I don’t think so! There are so many great R&B artists out there. What happened to our true R&B entertainers with rich and exceptional voices? Like Stevie Wonder, Patty Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway Luther Vandross the list goes on. They’re out there; R&B is not dead! New R&B artist are being played on internet radio. The masses except the crap that is being played on the on-air R&B radio stations all over the country. I can’t stand the on-air R&B radio stations; they don’t play enough new artists all they play are the most popular artists that every ones heard of. On-air R&B radio stations are dead to me! Once the masses get tired of the crap that is being played on the on-air radio stations they will turn to internet radio. I like listening to internet radio, because you hear new artists that can really sing. The Dj’s on internet radio don’t have to adhere to the on-air radio station play list they can play whatever they like. My favorite internet radio station is Streetwise Radio the Dj’s play artists that you have never heard of like Melissa Untalon, Esperanza Spaulding, Cleveland P. Jones, Sa-Ra, Sean Oliver, Darrius Willrich, Boog Brown, Ruff Endz and Jeffery Smith. Streetwise radio keeps adding new artists to its playlist, artist that can sing! So when you get sick of the same old crap the on-air radio stations are playing tune into internet radio for some new talented R&B artists. You can tune into Streetwise radio on iTunes, MyGen365, live365, Athena365.

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