Monday, November 4, 2013

TGT Three Kings

One thing I can say about TGT is, Fantastic! For all of you who don’t know what TGT stands for, it is the first names of this marvelous group Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank. These three brothers are all amazing R&B singers on their own, but their collaboration was one of the best things they could have done. TGT is the rebirth of R&B, that good love making music. They formed in 2007 and went on tour in 2008. The name of tour was called “Shirts Off”, this was a great name because these three brother are sexy. TGT released their debut album “Three Kings” in August 2013. I think this “Three Kings” album is awesome! It is truly amazing! Some of my favorite songs are “I Need”, “Sex Never Felt Better”, “Lessons In Love”, “Explode”, “Running Back”, “Take It Wrong”, Weekend Love” and “OMG”. You can listen to songs from TGT’s album the “Three Kings” on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, Live365, MyGen365, Athena365 and Gilroy Radio.

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