Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rotation Gets Faster.

Yes the rotation is changing faster. We are receiving lots of great music from all around the world. Keep it coming.I firmly believe there is better music out there than whats being played on your local radio stations.
And you know it. That's why internet radio is changing the music business.Now if we have not contacted you
yet, hang in there we are going through a lot of submissions. We will contact everyone. Concert info is coming to Streetwise Radio keep listening. We will let you know where some of these great artist from our play list are performing around the world.
We are now playing Bodine Be Johnson in our rotation . Here is some info.
 Bodine Be Johnson
Bodine was signed to Frontline Productions Record Label in conjunction with BuffBoo Records and began preparations to record her first full-length album. Since releasing her debut single ‘One’, on the CopyCat Riddim Compilation Album in 2007, Bodine has rebranded herself as a female music powerhouse whose popularity continues to spread nationwide. Her reach doesn’t end there however with her music being played in the Caribbean, Florida, New York and many other countries and cities.  
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