Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Music Added To Rotation

 Blend vibrant Jazz Fusion, ECM harmonies, and soulful melodies and you get Joe De Rose and Amici. A completely unique and energetic record that will leave every listener truly amazed.
Genre: Jazz: Jazz Fusion
Release Date: 2010
Check out the latest track from Bahamian Recording ArtistCJ Priest with his latest single–”One Sided Love” on that Ting’Em Riddim by Souljah!!! Also peep the cover for the single
With his strong vocals, the Reggae love ballad is delivered flawlessly by Priest. Another heart break anthem for the locals to rock too. Priest was one of the four acts that performed recently ate-Life’s “Day 44” Valentine’s Day event alongside Julien Believe, Sammi Star and Sketch!!
Love it CJ!!!


 Fresh new music from a ledgen. The moods of this new reales are why I have always loved his rhythms.
Close you're eyes an take a ride.

                       Curent Concert Dates


April 15 Osnabruck, Germany.

April 16 BIM-Huis, Amsterdam.

April 17 Boerderij, Zoetermeer.

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