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Shun Ward "Lift Off ". Now Playing On Ultra Mix

Biography of Shun Ward

Christopher DeShun Ward was born on February 16, 1988 in Tyler, Texas. He is the only child to his mother, Pamela Ward. Shortly after his birth, Shun’s mother relocated to Houston, Texas.
At the age of three, his mother and great grandmother discovered that he loved to sing. He had an incredible voice and a talent for remembering church songs. When he was five years old, he was invited to sing and travel with the New Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church Choir. They performed at many churches around Houston. Throughout their travels, Shun became very well known and gained much respect around the community for his strong vocals.
Eventually, at age seven, his great grandmother (who was one of the church organizers) asked if he would like to become the lead singer of The New Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church choir. Shun was excited to take on the responsibility.
Later and away from his gospel roots, Shun began performing at talent shows around the north side of Houston. He would go on to win a youth choir competition at Forest Brook High School where he competed against 14-15 year olds.
At fourteen years old Shun continued to compete at several different talent shows and also experimented with writing and recording original material. Unfortunately, as he honed his writing skills, he also became influenced by the corruption of the inner city. His school grades declined as he started smoking and selling illegal substances.
Then seventeen years old Shun and his mother moved to Nacogdoches after his great grandmother passed away. Shun was distraught.
At eighteen he joined a group called the Get Some with no success.
At nineteen he joined a group called Smash Click. He helped write several songs with the Smash Click. This was another failed venture.
At twenty-one, he was incarcerated for a year. After his release, he vowed to change his life and get back to the things that he loved most- singing, writing, and recording.
At twenty-two, more mature and focused, he requested help from family to make his dreams come true. Together they formed GruvSoul with Shun Ward as the premiere artist. A star is born!
Shun is presently working on his debut 2011 album release entitled, Shun Ward City. The first four tracks of the project entitled, The Prelude to Shun Ward City, is available throughout the internet.
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