Friday, March 11, 2011

Zion Birdsong " FiyaMan", Now Playing on Streetwise Radio

Bio: Zion Birdsong 

In his teen years, Birdsong began performing at local talent shows and high schools, “Hosea's Feed the Hungry(ATL)”, various nightclubs, and many other functions in Atlanta, GA. Seeing his talent, he was invited to work along side of DJ Nabs (In The Labs Productions) and Michael Maudin (Mauldin Brand Agency) as a writer and producer. 

Birdsong went through a long period of soul-searching and found love to be his niche. He found an undying compassion for the well being of people, which deterred him from pursuing any specific genre of music. He quotes, “Love is the language life understands. With it there is no division.” With a mighty conviction, he established a self-contained musical library of tasteful tunes that he refers to as "EARCANDi Tasteful Music". These tunes later caught the attention of local listeners who strongly support EARCANDi. Birdsong is now taking the necessary steps on the path to becoming a Tasteful Music legend.

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