Thursday, July 14, 2011

Streetwise Radio 2nd Anniversary

Wow! I can hardly believe that Streetwise Radio has been on the air for two years. I remember when Michael Ealey said “Lynn we’re going to have a radio station.” When we started off we had all of, I think three people listening now there are hundreds all over the world listening to Streetwise Radio. Our R an B ratings at has moved us from 17 to 11 out of 440 stations in just one month. This is due to Michael finding and playing music from new artists that the other radio stations are not playing, like Kenya, Arika Kane, Bodine Johnson & Jae Franklin just to name a few. We’re not only an R & B station. We also cater to the Jazz lovers with DJ Michelle I on the Jazz Café. This show is on from 12 pm to 1pm everyday so you can get your Expresso on at lunch time. We even extend the Jazz Café for an extra hour, on some occasions. For all you who like Reggae there is Big Splif’s 4:20 Reggae from 4:30pm to 5:30pm and Irie Vision World Beat TV with host Carmelita Harris. You can watch Carmelita’s show on the Streetwise Radio website. All you have to do is join our website by registering and log in for the streaming video of Irie Vision. My favorite show is Soul City from 6pm to 7pm with DJ Peter Cirivilleri. Yes this Italian soul brother plays classic soul music from past to present. Streetwise Radio even has something for the younger Hip Hop fan. The Streetwise Big Hop 7pm to 8pm every day. It’s a party on Fridays & Saturdays from 11pm to 12pm. Streetwise Ultra Mix is a mixture of R & B, Soul, Jazz, Reggae & Hip Hop. This is the main play list. You can listen to 12 hrs starting at midnight to 12pm without hearing the same song twice.While listen to the music, you can read the blogs about the artist we play on Streetwise Radio. You can listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes as well as a women’s station. I like this station because you have talk radio, Dr. Oz speaking on health issues; mom’s talking and helping each others with issues that have to do with their lives. Streetwise Radio can also be heard on This station is geared to the Baby Boomer generation. Streetwise Radio came about from Michael Ealey’s Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. A Courier Service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yes Streetwise Radio has come along way from the beginning two years ago; we would like to thank all you listeners out there. Keep on listening and sending in those emails with your requests and we will continue bringing the music.

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