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Amy Jade Winehouse September 14, 1983-July 23, 2011

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Amy Winehouse was a singer that lived a fast turbulent life. Amy grew up
in a Jewish family were she was introduced to Jazz at an early age. Amy’s
grandmother wanted her to attend Susi Earnshaw Theatre School to get more
musical training. Amy went there for four years before she was kicked out
at the age of 14 for “not applying herself” and for piercing her nose. I
guess you can say that was the start of her rebellious side. When Amy was
ten she started a rap group call Sweet ’n’ Sour with her childhood friend.
 At the age of 13 Amy’s music career started, she began as an
entertainment journalist for the World Entertainment News Networks,
singing with Bolsa Band and writing music. In 2002 she signed to Simon
Fuller’s 19
Management, they were keeping her secret. In 2003 Frank Amy’s debut album
was released it had a Jazz influence, she co-wrote every song on the album
and it went platinum in 2004.Girl groups of the 60s was Amy’s greatest
love, she copied the beehive hairdo and the Cleopatra makeup from The
Ronettes, Amy’s look was unique. Amy’s Back to Black album came out in
2006; it had the song “Rehab” on it. I like the song “Rehab” it’s a catchy
song. I guess this song was probably a rebellious denial of her problem.
Maybe she should have gone to Rehab. While writing this bog I listened to
the Frank and the Back to Black albums, I was pleasantly surprised they
were actually good albums. I like the Frank album the most it has that
Jazzy old time fell. In 2008 Amy’s Black to Black won all of awards.
Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal
Performance for the single “Rehab”, and her Back to Black album was
nominated for Album of the Year but won Best Pop Vocal Album award. Amy
was a talented singer song writer who got caught up in the drugs, like all
the greats who died at the age of 27, Jimi Hendricks, Kurt Corbain and
Janis Joplin and many more artists. Amy Winehouse will be missed by her
fans; it’s a shame she won’t be here to continue giving her fans her music
for years to come.





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