Thursday, January 3, 2013

Karina Pasian

Who is Karina Pasian? I never heard of her, until I heard her on Streetwise Radio. Again that is why Internet Radio is so important. The potential of talent out there for unknown and undiscovered artists is truly remarkable. This New York born Dominican singer and pianist is an astonishing talent. Ever since her debut album “First Love” in 2008 to her newest single “Fall in Love Again” in 2012 Karina has been singing her heart out. Her first language is Russian, but she can also sing in English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, and French. Karina’s grooming to become the singer and pianist she is today, started when she was very young. She began playing the piano at the age of three. Her babysitter was her first teacher and she began playing classical piano in kindergarten. By the time she was eight she was working with a vocal coach. Yes, Karina Pasian is the whole package. She has the voice the talent and the beauty. Karina Pasian is the one of the new up and coming R&B singers of her generation. Some of my favorite songs that Karina Pasian sings are “Fall in Love Again”, “16 @ War”, “Slow Motion” and “Perfectly Different”. Streetwise Radio is playing Karina’s Pasian and other new and unknown artist. You can listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, Live365, Athena365, iTunes and Pandora.


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