Monday, February 22, 2016

Worldtown Soundsystem

Music makes the world go round. Could you imagine a world without music? There would be a world with very depressed people. When you hear music that makes you happy.I think it can effect your soul There is one kind of music in my opinion that can be a little hard to listen to. That is house music especially if it’s not done right. It can become repetitious. That is not the case for Worldtown Soundsystem. This Philadelphia based multicultural house music band with members from Jamaica, Nigeria, Brazil, Alabama, Vermont and Philadelphia. Have come together to bring a funky, jazzy, tribal sound that is house music at its best. They make you want to get up and move. Last November Worldtown Soundsystem’s debut single “Testify” was released on iTunes and Spotify. I really like the beat of the drums and percussion on this song. They have another song called "The Boutique" that is just as good. Every one of the artist, singers, instrumentalists, dancers, are a great talent individually but came together to give us Worldtown Soundsystem. Check out there video “Testify” on the Streetwise Radio Facebook page and the link down below.

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